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  1. stickers add the DBzzzzz/ at least -3db without the sticker...
  2. your not overthinking this at all..... pretty sure, like you even said yourself, you have one of the most common trucks on the road. this is not a new problem... or even a problem at all- by now could have rearranged your engine bay and jammed multiple batteries in there... but now tell us about how xs is too expensive and youll just get an craptacular poop battery blah blah blaaaaaaahhh
  3. "perfect fit" is anything that fits and has the specs you want. if you cant figure out how to get different size in because its not exactly right.... welp, then you need a oem group 65blahblah. maybe get the guy at walmart to suggest one and have them install it while your at it teehee
  4. what is the advantage of "your" product compared to 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener SJ3550
  5. think the old center pulls were pitbulls... hated adjusting them damn things. got one in a box somewhere
  6. https://www.albes.com/new-back-in-stock/original-ozone-bike-with-matching-colony-ozone-bike/
  7. wires are probably made of unicorn cunt hairs and cost $239485 a foot.... and is the bench there the listening position lol
  8. gotcha, still i would consider dividing it into several pieces to cut material costs and then mounting to the inside of the box.... but to each their own-
  9. lol, I dont know how anyone would think it mounts to the inside of the box being one piece lol I sandwich the t-nuts between the first and second baffle to prevent what you are talking about.
  10. a hand full of t-nuts would accomplish the same goal for maybe 1% of the cost.... not to mention the huge waist of material and machine time- or am I missing something?
  11. I don't know who they are but it's an old joke that fans would yell they suck at shows....
  12. if you are running your mids off HU power I'd suggest getting an external amp to power them.... otherwise I agree with what was said above
  13. I think it's ten but who cares, he's catching these hands bro It's chimps that are 10x stronger, Gorillas have much more muscle density than chimps, they estimate gorillas are about 20x stronger than a large strong man. I'm still down to watch someone try and box a gorilla though lol. 20x? well then.... but I get what ahmed is saying- i defiantly wouldn't be like that dumb bitch saying "mommy's here" standing behind a fence... I'd jump in there snatch the baby and hike it outta there like a football if I had to-
  14. gorilla would catch fists.... literally... then proceed to ripping them off your body and beating you to death with them- remember some national geographic shit apes are like 8 times stronger than equivalent size human... so like 400lb gorilla equals no bueno-
  15. define "solid as fuck" like when you hit it it goes thud thud.... LOL yes, butyl will lose some of it's dampening properties over time in even normal conditions. but I was getting more at the fact that it isnt necessary to apply any heat to get it to adhere properly when used within the working temp 40+. will it be easier to work with on a 100 degree summer day? yes... is it necessary? no-
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