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  1. think the old center pulls were pitbulls... hated adjusting them damn things. got one in a box somewhere
  2. https://www.albes.com/new-back-in-stock/original-ozone-bike-with-matching-colony-ozone-bike/
  3. wires are probably made of unicorn cunt hairs and cost $239485 a foot.... and is the bench there the listening position lol
  4. http://earthquakesound.com/index.php/en/resources2/downloads/item/powerhouse-amplifier-manual
  5. gotcha, still i would consider dividing it into several pieces to cut material costs and then mounting to the inside of the box.... but to each their own-
  6. lol, I dont know how anyone would think it mounts to the inside of the box being one piece lol I sandwich the t-nuts between the first and second baffle to prevent what you are talking about.
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