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  1. what is the advantage of "your" product compared to 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener SJ3550
  2. I would consider using glass or fiber for its rigidity. id be interested to see how it will effect sound. im assuming you honeycomb the walls??? depending on how complex you want to design the box you could vary wall thickness and add internal structure... what machine you are using and software? also may want to check out hexibase vids on the boxes he's 3d printed if you haven't already.
  3. is this the new brahma? (just curious)
  4. think the old center pulls were pitbulls... hated adjusting them damn things. got one in a box somewhere
  5. https://www.albes.com/new-back-in-stock/original-ozone-bike-with-matching-colony-ozone-bike/
  6. wires are probably made of unicorn cunt hairs and cost $239485 a foot.... and is the bench there the listening position lol
  7. gotcha, still i would consider dividing it into several pieces to cut material costs and then mounting to the inside of the box.... but to each their own-
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