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dBDRAG 2016 North American Finals


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Thank god they opened up some satellite locations. Driving to Kentucky was not sounding fun.

See you there.

Where you at Christain ?!?! lol.... Bill ? Ray ??

dBDRA Announces West Coast and Western Canada Satellite Locations for 2016 North American Finals

The dBDRA is pleased to announce a west coast satellite location for finals. The event will take place at Chris Alston's Chassisworks in Sacramento, California. This event will be held simultaneously in conjunction with the Car Audio Championship in Louisville, Kentucky on October 15-16, 2016. The dBDRA would like to thank Chase Collins for hosting the event again this year. Chase has been actively competing in dB Drag Racing events for several years and has been an avid dB Drag Racing supporter. The Sacramento event will include several multi-point judges in attendance and working the lanes. Judges include: Doug Stockton, Andy Teuscher, Kimo, Jeffrey Fernandez, Jim Wright and David Teuscher.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks
8661 Younger Creek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95828

In addition to the venues in Louisville, KY and Sacramento, CA, the dBDRA will also have a satellite location at FX Audio in Spruce Grove, Alberta during the same weekend. Spruce Grove is located approximately 400 miles north of the US / Canada border. With the continuous rise in fuel costs, and the difficulty that many of the vehicles have in crossing the border, the dBDRA feels that this will allow the Western Canadian competitors the opportunity to compete. The event in Canada will be hosted and judged by Ray Choy. Ray will have judging assistants helping him in the lanes as well. Ray Choy is one of the dBDRA’s most experienced judges with over a decade of experience in judging vehicles on a global level.

F/X Audio Ltd
Bay #4 120 St Matthews Ave
Spruce Grove, AB T7X3B5

To be eligible for finals, you must be a member of the dBDRA, accrue 75 points and have a certified score in the vehicle you will be competing in at finals. The season cutoff for 2016 is September 25th. Any events that take place after Sept 25th, will be in the 2017 season. For additional information, see section 9 of the dBDRA Rulebook.

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If I can get enough points, and I qualify for Finals, I may give it a try.

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What?? You better be there bro. Coming to see you and William and ray and others. Hope you go and compete. We are chasing ya in psyclone lol.

What hotel is everyone staying at? I need to book rooms and wanna be with the cool kids :)

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Yeah Christian better show up for your ass kicking

Bill? are you close to this location? Hotel recommend ??? Ive never been there. Ill need a lil map assistance for sure. Stoked to see you bruh. :) Time for a beer, and grab some food, hang out and bull shit. :hi:

Once it gets a lil close, we need to chat for sure yo. :spiteful:

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See yall there!


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