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? On big 3 with stock alt

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I have a H/O singer alt being built now (2-3 weeks)

I want to go ahead and do the big 3 and just hook the new gauge wire to my stock so when I get my new alt I can just bolt it up.

Will this cause any trouble with my alt/battery ?






this is my first build, i have been waiting 4-5 years to have this done

95 chevy 2 door tahoe 5.7

Xs power d3400

Singer 275amp alternator

Big 3 - all Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks 0ga/ knu Fuses an holders

Sundown SAE-1500d

Mbquart onyx OA800.4

Stinger 4400 series RCAs and stinger volt meter

Fi Q NEO 18, 7.5 cubes tuned 32hz

Pioneer MVH-X690BS H/U

Kicker CSS 6.5 comp sets in front doors

Kicker KSC 4x10 coaxials in rear

GTMAT and FAT MAT deadner

Xenon 10k Blue HIDs




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The big 3 should be no problem on a stock alt.

91 C350 Centurion conversion ( Four Door One Ton Bronco)

250A Alternator (Second Alternator Coming Soon)

G65 AGM Up Front  / Two G31 AGM in Back

Pioneer 80PRS

CT Sounds AT125.2 / CT Sounds 6.5 Strato Pro component Front Stage

CT Sounds AT125.2 / Lanzar Pro 8" coax w/compression horn tweeter Rear Fill

FSD 5000D 1/2 ohm (SoundQubed 7k Coming Soon)

Two HDS315 Four Qubes Each 34hz (Two HDC3.118 and New Box Coming Soon)

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No it wont.


Arc Audio Xdi 1200.6 (using active crossovers) Freaking awesome amplifier

Incriminator IA 10.1

Focal PS 130v 5.25 (doors)

4" Faital pro Neo (kick panels) 

3" Faital pro Neo and focal tweets( dash)

DC Audio level 3 12"  custom box designed by joex built by me

AGM front, XS 750SE batteries rear

DC 180 alt

99 Toyota Tacoma extra cab


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What type of vehicle?

That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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