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Sundown show 2017?

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I live in central NC, and there isnt much audio wise around here. The only big show in driving range for me is the Sundown show. I know they're out of Claremont, but where is the actual show at? I cant find anything on it for 2017. It may be the same as last year, but I just wanted to make sure. Also, if anyone knows of any audio shows around central NC or even NC in general, let me know.

Thanks everyone

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It was at the Hickory Motor Speedway last yr. Havent seen anything about this year.

One other show to check out is the Ruckus Show. Its a 2 day show in NC. Fayetteville iirc? 

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On 2/6/2017 at 8:34 PM, hdorre said:

It was at the Hickory Motor Speedway last yr. Havent seen anything about this year.

One other show to check out is the Ruckus Show. Its a 2 day show in NC. Fayetteville iirc? 

I googled the Ruckus show. Found stuff from last year on youtube and some stuff online, looks pretty cool. Any other info on it, like date?

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      (Sorry if bad english)

      I currently have a Hifonics BRX2416.1D (which delivers 1600w at 2 ohms) for my Sundown X12 V.2 (1500W, dual coil).
      The sub is 4ohm and wired at 2ohm, so it takes about 1600W.
      I want to buy another X12 V.2 D4, and a BRX3016.1d (which delivers 2000w at 2 ohms) to have a good amount of power and to wire the two amps as slave / master.
      But I really don't know :
      - Is it possible to wire two different amps as slave master? (like the 2416.1d and 3016.1d)
      - What will be the impedence if I put my two subs in parallel or series?
      - How many watts will each subs recieve?
      - If I manage to get about 2000w for each sub, will they take it or will they break? (I heard that sundown subs are underrated by the manufacturer)
      Thanks !
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