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need a new amp: 7.5k, 9k or 10k

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 I have 3 orion HCCA 152 woofers that im running on some off brand 3500 watt amps.  I wanna go with one solid amp to run all 3 at a 1.33 ohm. this is a daily driver 2003 trailblazer but I want it to hump.  the woofer are rated at 2500rms/5000peak, I currently have 5 d3100's in the back, 1 redtop in the front that I want to change out but need to find a battery that will fit due to the dual alt bracket that holds a 240 mechman and a 370 mechman.  out of these 3 amps, which one would you recommend I run on those 3 woofers with my current setup.  thanks for any assistance you can give me.

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7500Wrms is what you need at 1ohm, so I would go with a 10K at 1.33ohm.  Even then, you may not even be pulling RMS wattage.  The idea is to oversize your amp so that you dont push it into clipping.  Thats my opinion, anyway.

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Agree with the above. Outta those choices, I do the 10k. It will shit pm the 9k At 12v.

 At 1.3 ohm, you won't make a ton of power. I clamped 8400 on my dc 10k, and I was at .7. 


If it was me, I'd put a  4-5k on each at half ohm. 

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Definitely better to stick with shorter boards... Cheaper when one shits the bed.  Plus, its harder to get rid of a large board versus a few smaller ones.

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      I've been helping a buddy install a system in his 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK.  I finally have enough pics to start a build log, so I'll be loading all of them up over the next couple weeks.
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      Went with PSI-8's with High Performance suspension for 600Wrms per sub

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      Head unit and tweeters, Sony dsx-s210x and 4x Earthquake Screamers, 1.5" 150wrms per pair silk Dome tweeters with replaceable voice coils:
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      2 K2 16v 80ah banks
      8 runs Sky High 1/0 OFC (4 pos, 4 neg)
      3 DC Audio 5.0 amplifiers
      6 Skar Audio EVL 15s
      Crescendo 1100.4
      DB Drive mids/tweets 
      C-pillar wall built by yours truly
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      Things tried. Fiberglass sides and gaps. Used window seal adheisive where the glassed sided meet the b Pillar. Glassed to floor and above port 
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