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Best SSD for Gaming.

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Folks! I am a gaming geek. I have been playing games for a long time. I have been trying to install Counter-Strike Global Offensive on my PC but the configuration of my PC is not sufficient to support that game that might be due to the built-in graphics card which is very low. I have been searching for the best SSD for Gaming that can support Counter Strike GO on my PC. I have come across the list of SSD for gaming, but I am not sure which one should I opt out. 
Here are the two SSD cards that I think would be the most suitable for me.
Samsung 960 Pro
MyDigitalSSD 120GB

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Samsung ssd's are good drives. I play CS GO a lot, and there are no hard drive restrictions on the game as long as you have 15gb of free space.
For CSGO you need a intel Core 2 Duo E6600/AMD Phenom X3 8750 or higher processor and an video card with at least 256mb of ram (the more the better Ideally a card with 2gb or more). This isnt a game you want to play thats using a built in video card.

You want high framerates to get the fastest refresh you can to have the most accurate shot. A lot of peopole with decent computers still play this game with graphical settings at low just to get as much FPS as possible (I one of them).

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Samsung and Intel are the two SSD brands I have in my rig. 

Two SSDs for my primiary games and the other is just got the OS. 

CSGO isn’t a very difficult game to run but if you’re using on board graphics then that’s certainly an issue. 

Installing a new graphics card would solve this. Granted you have enough CPU power and RAM for the game. 

Installing a new GPU is very very simple. Prices on GPUs currently are not at their best, they are quite high but the more entry level cards are holding a decent price-to-performance bargain. 

Really depends on your budget but for entry level cards I would like at the 1050ti, RX 560, or GTX 960. 


OP you can put together a completely new rig for relatively cheap nowadays. 

Just put together a complete build for a friend for just over $400 and CSGO is his main game. 

2008 VW Jetta

Team Fi 12 

CT 4000.1

CT 125.4

PWX 6.5

80 PRS

EB Flex 2/0

Second Skin

^^^ Build ^^^

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In my work I put a few hundred SSDs into production a year... My take on them is this:


Toshiba/OCZ (in this order)

Don't bother with:

Kingston (bad customer service if it ever fails)
PNY - very iffy. some are troopers, some have 50% fail rate.
Western Digital



Look I know someone is gonna be like "I have a plextor it runs fine", I'm just telling you that through hundreds of drives the lower in the list, the more failures I see.

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2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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Id probably rate Toshiba/OCZ higher than Corsair, especially after Toshiba buying them out, they have a lot of cool technologies. 

Corsair use to be the in brand to be beat back in the day when they focused on memory, now its starting to seem blah. LIke they couldnt even figure out RGB memory because the lighting was causing issues with ddr4 memory, then BAM out of no where here comes Crucial with some kick ass RGB ddr4 that Corsair said they couldnt do about 2 years ago. Then they put special edition on anything and everything it seems and its no different than the normal edition. Only good thing I can say is they offer decent warranties with most their products though and currently rma'ing a aio cooler for the 2nd time in 2 years, rma'ed a few of their keyboards already.

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Samsung 850 and never had an issue, boot-times are still as fast as they were 2 years ago when I put it in. Only thing is I wish I would have went bigger since BF1 takes up 80gb of it itself...


2004 Bagged Trailblazer

(4)18" Sundown Nsv3s
(4) Taramps HD10000s, Taramps DSP3000, Lanzar opti 250x2, AB 100x4
(2)DC power SP 270s, (14)XS Power d3100s, (1)d6500


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i didn't see two brands so i will give my personal experience with them

sandisk ultra II 120GB been running for couple years now have been great to me

g. skill phoenix III 120GB 1st made it 6 months, 2nd died in a year both also became unrecognizable by mine and others computers

skar sk2500.1
0 gauge power and ground kunukonceptz
alpine HU
vxi65 components on BA gt-275
new build log ->
2 x-15 sundowns

singer alt, odyssey bat, and maxwell ultra caps

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