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B2's Latest Design - M12FR "The Swan"

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So this project has been in the works for a while now, and is about ready to see the light of day. We have been testing our prototype extensively and so far, it's outperforming our expectations.  Our goal was to have a full range amplifier capable of 6,000 watts per channel @ 1 ohm in a two channel configuration. Well you can say we've got about 30-40% more power on this monster than we ever expected. Want an amp that has a massive amount of adaptability? This design can serve about any purpose, and is capable of subsonic to 17 kHz frequencies.

Get ready for some MASSIVE European style pro audio builds to really start becoming more present here in the states. Our customers over there have been begging for a monster, and B2 is delivering once again.

This amplifier strides forward with it's own proprietary component design, as we will never imitate, but always innovate! 

2017 brought us "The Raven", now 2018 brings "The Swan". Stay tuned as I'm sure this will be a trend setter!

 Swan Promo 2.png

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4 hours ago, PaCiFiKbAllA said:

Ahh.....the Black Swan....so powerful it made Natalie Portman go ham on her pillow 1f606.png

I'm dead! 

2010 Accord Sedan

XS D3400R

Clarion HU

Sundown mids and highs

Incriminator amps

Incriminator Lethal Injection 12"

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Full range 6K.....x2?



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This post sent with 100% recycled electrons.
2004 BMW M3
Mechman 280A
2 - XS Power XP3000

1 - XS Power D375

500F of Maxwell SuperCaps (soon to be 1000F)

Dash mounted O-scope
Audison bitOne (Remote DRC MP)
Highs Amp - PPI Art A404
Hertz HSK130 (HSK165 waiting...)
DC Audio DC9.0K
2- DC Audio XL12m2

LEGAL             - 147.3dB @ 41Hz
OUTLAW         - 150.2dB @ 45Hz

OUTLAW         - 145.7dB @ 30Hz




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