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   I was a click away from nabbin a ps4 pro.Thought id reach out, because, im unsure of some stuff.

   I recently nabbed a 4k telly, and was gonna get another playstation for the 4k shit. I ran 2 ps3's back in the day, and it was fun as hell. Each had their own 32" screen, was fun as hell when i had a buddy over and played together. Anywho,..

 My questions are, who is rockin one? Will all my games, i have now, be playable on the pro? will my SCUF controller (i just got a SCUF about a month ago) work with it? Is it rad ? do you like? All that shit ? Looking for any helps and such. 



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I've got one. Picked it up in November I think. I've never had a regular one So I can't really compare. It will play all the ps4 games but it isn't backwards compatible. Son no ps3 games and whatnot. You don't have to have special controllers so the scuf should be good to go on it. I'm not to good with all the technology lol but I believe only certain games support 4k. So not all games will be in 4k. I haven't had a single issue out mine.

Sitting around waiting to be installed:

  4 FI X 10

 270 CES alt

D3400/73ah lithium

 AA 3800.1

  (2) AA 75.4


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