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Looking for advice about selling rare expensive speakers?

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Hey guys, this is not a sell post, I'm just looking for advice about an item.  My father passed away recently and I'm mainly doing this to distract myself and to help my mother out with options if money becomes an issue. 

My father had a pair of klipshorn speakers from sometime in the 80's they are massive encased in wood and are roughly around 4-5ft high and 3-4ft wide.  I will add a link to a Google photo of what they look like.  I know that they work but haven't been used in a couple of years. But my mother said he paid upwards of $3000 for them in the 80's.

My main 2 questions are If we decided to sell them is there any speciality places to post them or do you think Craigslist would suffice?  Also if someone bought them and required shipping how does something like that work?  Would we handle like wrapping them and making sure they are protected or do shipping companies like take care of everything?



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@audiofanaticz has demonstrated some of his excellent shipping protection, and would be able to help you if that's what ends up happening. as far as selling, someone else may be able to chime in on a good place to sell Home Audio equipment such as that. Good luck with whatever you decide, and my condolences to you and your family for your loss.

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theres a bunch of forums. Audiokarma, DIYaudio are good bets, maaaayyybe audioholics or AVSforum. Ebay works but you will most likely get screwed on pricing and shipping costs. Also you can try reddit but that's not really a targeted audio market. If you do ship them make sure you insure them and don't skimp on packing material, also a quick fabbed together, lighter but wooden system may be a good idea because I bet those suckers are heavy.

If you can make them a local pickup so you don't have to ship. California is a big market so you SHOULD be able to find someone semi local.  

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