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  1. Lol I was just posting this. My bad appreciate the help as always! (one of these days I'll grab a IMG-SG and some new leads)
  2. Nm my fault, I just saw Meade talking about it being on the wccaraudio site. Just in case anyone else sees this and was wondering WCCaraudio downloads (for DD-1/CC-1 and others)
  3. Bout to help a buddy with a Fi Q-series and Gately install. Feels good to get people back into car audio. (trying to remember how to tune.....its been a bit) 

  4. Hey I went to the site and grabbed the user manual for my DD-1, I have what I need user manual wise for the CC-1 but I wasn't able to download the test tracks because of the website they are hosted with was "having difficulties or the location changed" Can you shoot me a location where I can download both discs for the DD-1 and CC-1 and the demo track? Also are the tracks for the DD-1+ and CC-1+ the same? possibly just grab tracks from their listings too? (I have serial numbers too if that would help for my DD-1 and CC-1)
  5. I fucked up. I just bid on three linear power amps...thats I don't need. 

  6. anyone have issues with tweeters crackling at really cold temps? like -5-10 degrees type cold temps? Have no idea if my stuff is just F'ed or its the cold.  

    1. Ron36


      My Bluetooth sounds like shitty AM radio till my truck warms up, 

  7. never been quite as terrified as riding a busa. My buddy gave me the keys I took it on some back roads which him....we stopped and reminded me that I may not want to be on 1 wheel coming out of every corner or just 90% of the time period. Sold my GSXR750 and still regret it.
  8. what image hosting site works best with SMD now? (other than photobucket)

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    2. WalledSonic


      flickr, imageshack, imgur, etc.  There are others, but those may be the most popular.

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict
    4. ChevyBoy95


      i used flickr which works great and is free. I have a yahoo email so that too.

  9. Gotta go with the CTS-V. The V wagons are fun too but thats a personal kink. Not sure about the regular CTS but I know in the Vs the 08 and up have a corvette bolt pattern so you can actually get wheels for it. That is actually one the biggest issues with my car is a stupid 6x115 bolt pattern, you may want to check just in case.
  10. About to head out to StreetCar Takeover at Bandimere. Should be a good time. We'll see if they let me bring in my video camera. 

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    2. aculous


      yea we got rained on right before drag racing started. I don't care about roll racing...there was like 4 hours of roll racing. Thats what you do if you don't have a track IMO. Got a little bit of video and a couple fun cars but I spent more time waiting on them to check the track and there were probably two cleanups for oil and about 100 times the fucking tractor "prepped" the track...if they were going for 6 sec ETs or top fuel cars I can understand but fuck it killed it ALL day. It would be every 3-4 cars they would prep it for a half hour. But whatever I still had a good time, drank some beer during the rain and only left 20 mins early because I soaked and it was getting cold. I'll race next year, I just gotta get the rear axles swapped out in the V. 

    3. bighossf150


      have you ever ran on a shitty prepped track?  Getting sideways at 90 isnt fun


    4. aculous


      nope, just some test and tunes at Richmond and MIR (nhra level track) although their prep was done a lot better and faster. And I get it, I am not an idiot and I realize why they are doing it. I think more of the issue was the team working the event redid their prep like 3 times each time they checked the track so think of the normal prep...and triple it...every two cars. 



  11. love that, because you know...the cnc can run itself... most people would still be on month 6-8 on just trying to get the CNC to run a program to build a standard ported box much less that thing. Will be happy to see it bumpin. Gave me a little inspiration to start a build.
  12. ...isn't the whole issue with lithium is that they all need to have similar voltages and are super sensitive to overcharging? as in the problem is more the charge controller and thats REALLY what you are paying for then just the capacity of the thing? Stupid gets expensive real quick, that guy is definitely a moron.
  13. Granted thats Top Fuel, so a pro mod motor will flow less.
  14. Jon Kaase Mountain Motor. I love this car. A little dreamin' for the weekend.
  15. found out my regulator for my tig welder is f'ed which may explain the shit welds...I am learning so I am guessing its that and about 1000 other things. New tungsten/Bottle/Regulator...we'll see how things look tomorrow. 

  16. dude fuuuuuuuuck that. My blazer below took two days to dig out and ended up having to get a tractor trailer towing company to bring out their 30K winch. and that thing was only 6500lbs.
  17. ...still out of work. Still looking and even the crap retail and warehouse jobs I applied to want me to go through a 3-4 part process...and none of them let me talk to manager or a human being. I fucking refuse to go back to the government though...I just can't do that ever again. I am trying to stay positive but its been a rough run so far. The oilfield is looking a lot better.
  18. nice! my antique ass has an easier time reading the red and black instead of the blue. I like all the changes, keep it comin. 

    1. meade916


      glad you like the progress! :D

    2. Skullz


      I think they all look badass, while i like using the nightshade i really like the yellow as it just pops.

  19. I guess I got a conscious and don't agree. Even though the car was not following the rules of the road that slower traffic stays right and that the left lane is a passing lane doesn't give the person drive a truck the right to make a pit maneuver taking out the guy in the car which could possibly end his life along with anyone else in that car, or the car in the other lane that almost got struck by the crashing car and the truck... Not to mention the fact that tailgating is also illegal. They were both being jackasses, I think both of them were wrong. I can just sympathize with the truck a lot easier. Not condoning what he did really.
  20. The state is awesome but fuck the drivers. They pace each other for miles...drives me nuts. Also I never compare anything to jersey, and try and forget its part of the US.
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