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I just started this build last week when i bought the radio and a backseat. Then got told i gatta have a vehicle ready for a show in march so i put aside my big build in my truck to focus on this thing. Its my 92 acura integra hatch. All stock except for aluminum radiator. 


As you can see theres a lack of room under the hood for making it clean. So heres my take i was able to do with fat hands


First i took off the intake for more room.


Found the alt. Why im staying with a stock for as long as i can


Ran small 4ga for my run from alt to back battery. Factory alt is 80a so its plenty. If i upgrade itll go to a 120-180a


For run between batteries i used t spec 1/0 i had left over from an old car of mine. Also mounted fuses where i can see and access them easily


then came wiring behind the radio. Getting everything ready for stuff as it came in.


Radio back together


And running wires back. Yes all zip ties tails were cut in the end



Will get pic of battery mounted down and the wiring to it tomorrow. Got in a hurry and forgot to take pics


and enging bay put back together.


i have more products coming. Got a delivery thursday and one sometime next week from ill customz. All i gatta buy now is my 2 ds18 exl sq series amps and 2 ds18 elite 8s. Ill keep yall posted. I have till march 15 to finish this

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Pic of the battery installed. Waiting on my ill customz terminals. Should be in next week. Will get pics of under the floor when it stops raining.


New ds18 zt6 coax for the car. Will run 4 total



Installed with foam behind the speaker since it doesnt really fit :p


also ordered my first sub today and itll be here tomorrow. That way i can start planning the box out

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My parts from ill customz showed up along with my first sub for this car


1/0 to 4ga reducers for the ds18 exl sq 1000.1 because fuck it :p


and first of 2 ds18 elite 8s



will swap the battery terminals out monday and will start planning the box and cutting my privacy cover monday as well

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hell yeah, integras like to get loud. wish i still had mine, 2 18s walled off

the alternator is PITA to get in and out, for me it was easier to get it out from the bottom. mine was a 98

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Steadily working and taking on more jobs at work and staying later. Also sold my subs from my truck. Shitty audiobahn dubs that i got for free. Im half way to ordering my 2 amps and my last sub. Ill order all at once when we order shit for a customer.....that way they pay for the shipping :p

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Factory alt decided it didnt wan to work anymore. After 250k and 27years its lived its life. Getting an oem this week and will be waiting for a trade in program to trade in my old vehicles js250a for a new alt for the integra. Since i only want a 150-180a

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