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can someone graph these subs for me?

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hey , i am thinking of picking up two of these 12s and running them sealed off 1750-2000rms.. i specifically want to know how loud these can get and how low they will play in a sealed enclosure that is build to spec (i can go a little bigger than spec as well but not much). These call for 1.15 per sub sealed.

so if someone can graph these for me.. that would be much appreciated!

CAS crystal audio solutions



the subs specs are as follows:

750 RMS

2.5" Copper Coil 


FS: 33

QTS: .5

QES: .62

QMS: 4.78

VAS: 25.53 L

BL: 22

MMs: 250G

CMS: .06 MM/N

SENS: 89 1W/1M


Displacement .15FT^3

sealed 1.15 FT^3

ported 1.5-2.0 FT^3 @ 34hz 15sqin of port

Cut out 11.25"

Mounting depth "7.5

Xmax 22mm



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6 hours ago, CstrokerV said:

You can’t really tell how loud something will get by a graph and being sealed you will lose output and sealed boxes aren’t meant for lows in my opinion

i know it wont be as loud as ported but it will be tighter and cleaner and better for the music i listen to. i just want to make sure the -3db point is decent. ive ran 2 12s off 500 rms sealed and those KILLED the lows way better than my 2000rms ported 12. dont know if it was transfer function of that car vs the car i have now or if it was the set up itself.  also, in order to fit 2 12s i can only run them sealed as i have space limitations.

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I used the ts params you posted up there and got the -3 dB point at 48 Hz. SPL wasn't very high in a sealed box of 2.3 cubes (for 2 subs) maxing at 116 dB (not considering cabin gain). But there were some ts params not included, not sure if they would make a difference.

Honestly for $270 each, that's not much power handling, unless they are under-rated. I'm not familiar with this brand. Also, it says up to 150 DAYS wait time....Damn I could not wait that long myself. I'd suggest Deaf Bonce or Sundown, I've used both and they're great. Deaf Bonce will be a bit cheaper, Sundown more rugged.


Edit: Just noticed SA V3 12's are on sale for $195 right now. That's a "750 wrms" sub, but I'm sure you could easily slap it with 1k.

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