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What am I doing wrong?

Trying to measure headunit thru an amp, 

Mono amp: MRV500 

So track 1, I do the steps but the 40hz doesnt pop up on max volume, Only Thing I see is the distortion light pop up??? 

SAME With track 2, the 1khz or 40hz, doesnt pop up 

HOWEVER: I notice when I turn the gain up on the amp (testing to see)  when measuring the headunit,  The 40hz does pop up?  

Am i doing something wrong because going through the book steps, the only light that pops up is the distortion unless I turn the gain up then it turns on.

I stick the red on the positive wire and the black on the amp ground wire


So what I did was just ignore it and set my gains on for the subwoofer using Track 5 (40hz -10db), So the 40hz or 1khz the light didnt pop up from the 1st step of measuring the headunit, is this Okay to set my gains like this? I even turned the amp bass boost almsot all the way up bcus it wasnt hitting as hard


The distortion light pops up on regular music so I don't know what I'm doing wrong 

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13 hours ago, reedal said:

Are all of your filters on the HU and amp set to full pass as directed in the manual?

the filter (bass, treble,) on HU is set to flat like on the middle bar,  and the LP filter is set to max, so really I'm doing what the book says but the 40hz or 1khz doesnt pop up unless the gain on the amp is turned up

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Which dd1 you have?     If you are measuring the deck through the amp I don’t think you will get a signal until the. Dd1 sees enough Volts and if the amps all the way down it might not have enough Volts from the deck unplug the rcas and plug it in the dd1 and set it that way first then amp

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