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Now, being this is a $63 amp on Amazon, it sure seems like a real deal! However, those who look closer at the specs see the amp has (2) 20A fuses. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there's NO WAY you'll get 1000 plus watts with 40A of total fusing. That said, how much does this amp put out? Well, you know we are going to find out, right?

Make sure you watch the entire video as I include the 1 ohm and 0.5 ohm tests at the end. Special hint....BigD ALWAYS includes some extra footage after the credits!


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Yikes! Not even 1/4 of rated

Surprised it didn't pop wired to a quarter of what it's rated at though!

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Was Blaupunkt ever reputable? I grew up seeing them being sold at Crutchfield. They always marketed them as having "German engineering" but never knew anyone personally running that brand.

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Nice vid Big D.

When will company's learn? Just rate the amp for 150 watts @ 4 ohm rms for $60. Test would prove it did rated and more, plus it survived a .5 ohm test. What's wrong with a good honest product? I will never buy that brand after seeing this video because of the false advertisement. Which tells me they are a dishonest company that won't get 1 cent from me. Society has ignored this issue and not holding company's liable has helped propel us to this point. A 170 watt amp is a long leap from that advertised 1150 watt. About 1k left on the table. WOW!!!


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