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The emblem on the steering wheel has some oxidation inside, so i made a new logo on it, also with the contrast line around the logo like the rest of the car. Finished with Rainbow effect and Kristal Clear coat.



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Doorjambs also painted with the 2 tone. All masking done by hand. Filler panel inside also painted, has to be cleaned properly, there is some dust inside still after sanding and polishing th

Hello everyone, my name is Sander, i am from the Netherlands in Europe. I have a 1999 Toyota Avensis, that is swapped from 1.6 4a-fe to a 3sgte 2.0 turbo Carlos Sainz W/A, drivetrain is swapped f

Changed the shift boot from the fake suede to Alcantara.  

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Masking the gas lid took 9 hours in total. Jugling with a 3mm masking tape on the edge of a knife to get it between the double sheet metal. And then checking it again and again. And to make the silver and dark grey lines it must be repeated multiple times.

The flocking should be quit strong but i have no experience with it. I even seen that they use it for valve covers and rims and that it can take abuse by engine oil... so i don't expect a problem with it.

I have removed the excess flock off it and had some spots that were not completely covered. I checked the specs and should have waited at least hours 24 (48 is even better) to do that... I am not sure what exactly caused this but i will keep on practising flocking parts to get it perfect and sort out why this problem occurs.

The black flock contrasts nice with the rainbow flakes.

The floor mats will be replaced with some fresh ones soon, these will be black velours, and i will make an embroidery on the mats when i get them.



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The side bump strips and side marker where removed from the car with the repaint.


New holes where made for a flush fit side marker. This was done by welding in a piece of sheetmetal that is next to the window wiper of a VW Golf 2.

Since there is no standard side marker that will fit i had to make one myself. I made a CAD drawing for the housing and the lens.


Printed a test fitting with PLA on my 3D Printer. The top of the marker is still flat and very rough.


The housing is printed, i left the rough lines the way it is so the light can bounce in lots of directions.


Sprayed chrome paint on it so it will reflect the light better. (This housing needs to be copied in resin because the PLA is too sensitive for heat and will warp in time).


I used some one component filler (the yellow colour in the lens is the filler) to close the tiny gaps in the print so the resin would not go through when i poured it on top to get a perfect round shape.


I made a rubber mold to copy the printed lens with resin.

The final lens. This one has way too many bubbles in it, i will soon buy a vacuum pump to get all the bubbles out of it and pour the lens again. I also noticed that when pouring the epoxy resin i use with the fiber glass that there are almost no bubbles at all. I will try to make a lens with the other epoxy soon. Maybe this will give the result i want.


The end result. Custom flush mount side marker.




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Working on the headlights, i want to convert to projector lights, the original light projection is not very good.

At the moment i only have 2 high beams, need to order the normal beam projectors to get it all in. I want to make a smooth conversion from the inner chrome edges to the projectors with carbon fiber.


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Reupholstering the original steering wheel.

This is the first time i am upholstering a part, i think the steering wheel must be the most difficult part to do in a car.
This cover i made is for test fitting, have not used any glue this time to check if everything lines up. The black parts are a tiny bit too long, the fabric stretches more than the leather does.
The aftermarket black steering wheel had a yellow line in the centre, with this one i made it light grey in the same colour as my shift boot cover.

I accidentaly cut an important thread so could not close the bottem black part. I am going to adjust the parts that are too long and fix the bottom part with new stitching.


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Jeebus you are putting some work in

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2007 Chevy Tahoe (SOLD)

12 ~ FI Audio X series 10" w/BP option

2 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @0.67

3 ~ DC Audio 5.0K @1.0 

2 ~ PPI 3 way sets (not installed yet)

1 ~ RF T400-4, 1 ~ RF T600-2, 1 ~ RF T600-4

4 ~ CT Sounds 5.25" Strato comps  (rear fill only)

1 ~ XS Power D4800

1 ~ XS Power D3400

8 ~ XS Power XP3000

160 stock alt, Mechman 370 Elite, 185 DC Power

320+ Sq. Ft. Sound Deadener

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/knfjdkghjudfhsgkjdhf/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0

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