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Record playing/ Viynl

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Anyone into record/turntable stuff lately, or has been?  Im getting into it, .. slowly but surely, and loving it. My gear, is piss poor, i know. But, im in, learning, and super enjoying. The full sound,.. and my favorite thing, finding the records, at super cool places.  Not ordering them off amazon, but, going out, in the world, and finding them. Soooo choice. Running 3.1 atm. Two towers, 2 sub's and single center chan.

Anyway,.... my shit gear atm.


Turntable - AT-LP-120

Reciver -  Onkyo TX-NR757

Left and right towers - Destination Audio F300T (2x)

Center - Destination Audio F300c (1x)

Subwoofers -  Dayton Audio SUB 1500 (2X)


75" Sony 4k TV- nothing to do with anything, but, adjusting the reciever/source, is done on this. 


Im pretty thrilled, atm, with the reproduction going down. I just spent all day, rewiring, and re-doing the "corner" in the back room, to get the turntable, as close to the reciever. How i was running it, with the reciever a good distance from the turntable, i got a bit of "hum". I could play/move the rca cables, and it would come and go, soooo, i re-did everything to get them as close together as possible, and it worked. Almost no hum, even if i put the volume at full. Rad. I found some cheap LED lights, that are wireless, and where cheap, to get some kinda light in some cubicals of the cabinets. Worked great. Took all day, but.... its rolling , and doing hella well. Super stoked. Im in the process of getting a upper teir (no way huge cost one) cartridge. A Ortofon red (2m).


Anyway,... happy spinning all ( to those getting into, or been into it)










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