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at 38 years old, I just got my 1st one.  I have an extreme passion for sharks, and since im a firefighter, I made this happen!!  


The "3" in the helmet shows my station number where im assigned, the "XF" in the bicep is the initials for my GYM.  I think it came out awesome.  Going to add water effects and much more to this arm, more or less a full sleeve over time.  My tattoo joint is closed now cause this fucking corona BS, once they reopen, the water effects start


shark tat.jpg

I love my staffie :good:

So anti FACEBOOK it isn't even funny

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That’s all it takes now your an addict , I started  slow now have a sleeve on my left arm and about 80% of my right arm done. Keep it up. 

2022 Ford Maverick on 22’s                                                                                                                                          Skar SK1500.1 on 4 Skar VD-8’s                                                                                                                       Mids Sundown Super tweeters, Skar TX 6.5 components on Skar SKM400.4                                                 LC2 for audio control  , XS Power D680 XS Series Extra Battery 

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