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PSI subwoofer smells, not burnt but different, subwoofers not hot

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I have 2 PSI  Platform 2 12's at 1800 watts rms 1 ohm powered by DS18 Hooligan 5000 watt rms amp to power them, I used to have Soundstream arachnid 8000 watt max 4000 watt rms until it crapped out. Pretty sure it lied about it's output but could have been user error. They are run in a series-parallel circuit. The box is 4 cubic feet tuned to 40hz. The left sub's cutout is a little small so there is a little bit of air leak coming through there. the speaker wire is 8 gauge and the power wiring is all 0 gauge. I have a line converter as well. They've start to smell funny when I turn up the music and play a song for more than 30 seconds, at first I thought it was a power issue so I just installed a new 360 amp alternator from apex alts. the setup is running in a 2013 Mazda 6. I have 3 batteries at 650 cca  plus the high output alt to power the setup but I am still having this smell. I'm not saying I couldn't have done something wrong, but I would like to know the source of the issue, any help would be great. The smell is like when you buy a new video game and open up the case. Nothing smells burnt just odd. My subs do not feel hot at all, just slightly warm, like they should. I have had this set-up for 3 years roughly, and just keep my gain turned down as I do not want to damage anything. Except for when I installed the new alt, I then re-adjusted my gain. Any help would be greatly appreciated, please let me know if I screwed up doing something. Thanks

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You are clipping. Turn your amps gain down to begin with or your subwoofers are gonna need to be reconed. Then invest in a dd1 and tune your amp correctly to save money on fixing and replacing gear. Then your gear wouldn’t crap out.

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I took the Rms rating for my subs (3600) and multiplied it by the resistance (1 Ohm) and then i found the square root, which was 60 volts, so i used a miltimeter and tuned my gain to 60 volts. and the series parallel is where I wired my subs in parallel but they are connected to the amp in series

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