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Had one of my JP23.1 go into protect and it won't come out


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After I had installed my new Mechman alternator yesterday I was running my system and noticed one of my four JP23.1 went into protect.  Since I have the plexi glass back I could see the internals and nothing looks charred nor burnt. The amp was gain set using the SMD DD1 and I'm still running all the amps at 2ohm loads per amp. It sucks cause I was getting ready for a show this Saturday and now I won't be able to fully play my system since I'm down an amp.


Is there anything else I can check or do to see if I can get this amp to come out of protect? My voltage prior to installing the Mechman alt never dropped below 13.6v. When I installed the mechman I was running a constant 14.2v. Are these amps known for just prematurely failing? Its sucks cause these amps aren't even a full 4 months old yet and to known I'm gonna miss a show due to one failing on me kinda has me bummed out.  Been working all year to get to this point and then bam I still can't compete due to some unforeseen issue.

2007 Chevy Suburban LT1

Pioneer AVH 5700 DVD

Diamond Audio D3 6 1/2 components

Kicker 06ZX650.4 amp

Kicker 06ZX2500.1 (x 2)

DC Sound Lab Level 4 18's with Level 5 coils

Autotek Mean Machine 400.1D (replaced)

Soon to come:


body kit

flow master pipes

Confuscious say "he who say it can't be done shouldn't be bothering man busy doing it"

Now feel free to go crawl back under that rock and leave this to the professionals....

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