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Well... there's a couple of guys that are "retired" down our way that nknew how to get serious on the tools and in the boot. Charger was one of them. I definitely wanna see him back on here too.

Fennygolf... there's one guy in Melbourne who I'm doing ALL in my power to help finish his build.. 24 x 12s (that's all I will say in this thread on it). But yeah.. cars like this really are something to to admire :)

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This build is nice. makes me want to scrap restoring my truck to stock, and take it to the extreme bass level. lol. Oh, Congratulations!

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So after my last wall, two DD 9915s in a Volvo 240 Station wagon had some issues, it was time to start fresh! I wanted to build something that I could go all out on, something big, loud and almost over the top.



Scanned the newspapers for a few weeks, looking for a good van or perhaps my ideal available car, Isuzu Trooper 2 door long wheel base. This car is good for a wall. It's cheap, square and has a large cargo area which is flat on the floor.. The 'B' pillar is 'thick'. The front doors are very short and the windscreen is very flat. The roof has big channels in it which add strength to stop flexing. Let the hunt begin!

Okay so a quick trip to 'Koondoola', a right ghetto to look at an advertised car. One Holden Jackaroo, faded red, two door long wheel base petrol motor for $1600. After some quick negotiations (waving cash around desperate seller's faces seems to change their minds fast :) ) and we had a deal struck, $1100.

This car is identical to the Isuzu Trooper and never really sold well in Australia, with much more feirce 4WDs easily available in Aust, they never really had a purpose.

Here's how it looked the afternoon I got her home.

Humble beginnings they say.



I broke the windscreen on the way home, slammed it with my fist saying to a friend "Wow this thing will flex really easily!" and the damn thing cracked all the way across. Damn. :P


Wow; Holden sold a re-badged Trooper, live and learn! Nice sound chamber for maximum destruction bass btw!

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