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IS the numbing cream your talking about Emla cream if so it works my older sister has went thru laser surgery for a few years to get rid of a birth mark on her face it was about the size of a half dollar piece now its almost gone. I know its not a tattoo but they probably use the same cream. If they use the same cream then it really does work numbs what ever you touch it on.

im not sure what the name of it is. the email only stated that they include numbing cream. i will be sure to ask tho. thanks man..

and Trainman, thanks for that link. i just read through all the Q&A's in the removal part, and that was very helpful. it kinda made me feel better about my scaring worries. actually i feel a lot better after reading it. i also looked at the before&after pics, and saw some nice results..

all-in-all, i'm a little more at ease with wanting to go through with this process. thanks.


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here are a couple of quick shots. Remember, I had the tribal outline done in black first. It was a very thick line all the way around. After that I had some Biomechanical black work done all around it, , black and gray work only. Then I had the blue color done inside the tribal. Then I had the biomechanical stuff shaded in with reds and yellows. After that, I had the black and red stripes that you see the remnants of done to cover all the black and red and yellow biomechanical work. At that point , I hated it. I had tried to turn it into something that looked even worse, and let a artist I have never used before do the work. It was a complete disaster. It is light enough now that I can have it reworked, or should I say, covered over by new work. There is a guy at a local shop that I am gonna let do the sleeve. Probably going to do a Koi fish and a japanese style art sleeve over it. this is the shop... seppuku tattoo

Some of Matt Lukesh 's work...

Posted Image

( the guy on the right of the artists page, and scroll through till you find some of his koi tattoos. amazing work.

Any how, my arm.... seven treatments.... All done at least three months apart. Don't do them any faster than that, or you will be pretty much wasting your money.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The way the laser works is like this : the laser actually gets the ink so hot that it sorta " explodes" and breaks down into small enough particles or lets say molecules that the body actually absorbs the ink back into the body, and carries it away as waste. You need to give your arm time to heal, and your body time to haul off the trash away from the tattoo site, or else you will sit down in front of the laser machine, and the will just be breaking down more ink that your body hasn't had time to carry away. Some people say that taking echinacea ( a herb supplement you can buy at walmart or any drug store ) helps the body speed up this process. Echinacea is a natural toxin remover supplement that is used as a sort of immune system and whole body toxin cleanser. I used it the last three treatments and I think it helped a bit, of course, it could just be the tattoo was just finally getting lighter and lighter. I really wish I had a before pic to show you, cause trust me, this tattoo was very dark, very bold and very "thick" looking . The seven laser treatments made a very dramatic difference. I am kinda sun tanned a little bit, so that makes it darker too...

Hit me up here or in a p.m. if you have any questions....

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Curious if you ever started the laser process?

I started mines when I was 17. i done 3 so far gotta wait 4 weeks in between sessions gonna take awhile cause i had it touched up not even yer before starting it. it hurts a grip the pain feels like getting boiling water continously poured on you. i dont know if its just me but i can smell my flesh burning. you shouldn't get scars if you be careful after treatments when its healing. its on the inside of my forearm and my job requires alot of heavy lifting so after treatments my arm blisters a bit n i wasnt careful and a blister popped n now it looks like its gonna scar a bit not that big though maybe a centimeter big.

so if it scars is up to how well you take care of it.

If you wanna see i recorded the bottom half of my 2nd session on my phone

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It depends on the size, age, and colour of the tattoo, and the type of ink used.

Dark pigments respond better to laser, green and blue are very difficult to remove.

Older tattoos take more sessions, as they are deeper in the skin.

Darker colours can usually be completly removed, there may be a scar or a lack of skin pigment in the area, especially if she has darker skin.

Do your research, make sure you go to a reputable and experienced establishment, as pretty much anyone who can afford a laser can buy one, and use it, without regulation, and a laser can cause a lot of damage in un trained hands.

Yes it does hurt, see if you can buy some local anesthetic cream, like EMLA cream to apply to the area an hour before treatment, to numb it a bit.

Laser treatment is not cheap, price will depend largely on how well it works i.e how many treatments she will need.

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Supposedly that shit hurts like pregnancy, scars like shit, and is expensive as fuck....that's why I don't have any tatoos.

well i found treatments at Beachwood here in Ohio ($165 which includes the numbing cream) and they say bout 3-4 treatments will be necessary (in most cases) and with a 1/2 sleeve, im sure i'll be around 4-5 treatments.. i just dont know if it will be worth it in the long run. but i have to weight my options here.

For a half sleeve you are going to be there for more than 3-4 treatments. Guaranteed. Why do you want it removed, is it stupid, ugly, poorly done?. there are alternatives, although since your piece is all black you are limited in how it can be covered. can only go darker than whats there already... You can also look into "wrecking balm" which is proven to lighten the pigments enough to completely erase some tatoos, and will at the very least lighten whats there significantly to allow alot more freedom in a cover up piece. You have a couple routes to explore, might be best to talk to some people and get more opinions as to what you can do in terms of covering it etc... Shoot me a PM with a pic of the work.

damn I just realized how forever old this was...oops :gayhaaay1:

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I have also used this technique and I was very happy after using this method on my tattoo because my tattoo had permanently gone after 5 to 6 sittings. So don't bother about scaring problem. You will also not face any scaring problem after using this method.

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