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Tahoe gettin a complete REDO? Cats out of the bag page 7 (now with PICS page 16)

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my system is in need of a re-do and very badly.....it still works, it still slams, but i want newer equipment. Yesterday i put my "order" in - Watch for some BIG changes in the coming months! This is just a teaser thread because i am EXTREMELY excited!

Anyway, the Rockord amps are coming out and ALL NEW ROCKFORD amps are going in!

hopefully it wont be too much longer on the SMD/AA woofer, because im gonna need something that will handle the power im planning to put on them :) Its gonna suck to tear down my truck though and not have beat while i work on it. Maybe its a good time to get a new car so i can focus on the Hoe. I might not have the funds for the CTS-V i want so i may have to look for something else until i "have it like that". (i can get the CTS, its the V that is killin the pocket......and you gotta get the V :D)

More info once i know its on the UPS truck......i dont wanna say to much till i have them :)

Stay tuned!

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Oh shit, I bet it's gonna pound! Can't wait for sure!

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I been waitin for this! I remember the rebuild when you upgraded to your current equipment and was wondering when you'd upgrade again! Cant wait man

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