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Cone Area Of A Subwoofer

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length x width (middle of surround to middle of surround). it's not exact, but i'd say about 676sq inches for the 4



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Not all woofers are created equal.

So, some have larger surrounds, etc making the effective cone area less.

You need to go by the effective cone area for that woofer x its xmax, to get linear displacement. "cubic liters of air"

Displacement is what we are looking for in bass. The more displacement there is = the more air being moved. Since bass is all about moving air, that means you will be louder.

If everything is done correctly.

The very first thing I look at in a woofer is displacement, then bl, the qts,qes, then power.

Hope i didnt confuse anyone.

Im done for now.

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All i got to say is im a huge fan of cone area.The most subwoofer cone area i have had was 4238.89 :o

what did u have?

it'll take a year, 5000 dollars, hard work, and some help from friends but it will work


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