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saying my amp is fail, is what i was getting defensive with.. my setup will still be loud as hell, I dont care if the XLs are louder on #s, no one seems to understand that, im not #s chasing.. its a DAILY beater... This setup will still be in the mid 50s club, so im happy with that. and if thats not loud then i dont know what is

I would be quite impressed if mid 50s on music were to come out of this, which unless you're gonna be building a very efficient wall I just don't see it happening. How much net airspace do u have and what's the tuning on it??

1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer... New setup, old ride... QX56 is staying stock til I get loud... It's only getting walled off if I don't meet my goal @ SBN.

Pioneer AVIC-N2

(12) 12" RE SXs old model.... (3) AB VFL 500.1 @ 1ohm each

Dual 300amp Ohio Gen alts.... (10) Northstar NSB-125s

26ft3 @ 33hz w/ a ton of port area

156.5 @ 40hz @ dash, Db Drag style / 153.2 Bassrace

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I would be quite impressed if mid 50s on music were to come out of this, which unless you're gonna be building a very efficient wall I just don't see it happening. How much net airspace do u have and what's the tuning on it??

I see it being alot like my 3 18s setup roughly the same space and power low 50s sealed up but he should get mid 50s in an outlaw style metering show not bad for something thats ment to beat the streets and demo like a mofo

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whats wrong with the power? looks good to me. yeah sure it can use more. but it works. dont understand why he would have tensil burnts jsut by pickin that amp. great build! and its a gsr! lol...nothing wrong with giving its rms.always room to upgrade if he wish to. over all it will slam. the lv are loud starting at 1k. its jsut super loud on 5k+.lol, OP shouldnt have any problem with this amp. its damn strong. what didnt work for you other guys might work very well for him. great build, lookin foward to it.

Fresno, Cali 559

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ive had nothing but stetsom amps for quite some time, and now that im done with them i cant tell you how happy i am and how much i was missing out, they are good burp amps, on music its alota clip clip clip, the only reason i had to recone my fives is because my leads were burnt to hell and back because of all the stetsom power (and yes my voltage was good, and gain was NEVER above half), that being said, look at that amp, look at what they claim the power is, then look at the power/ground input, then look at a real good wire like knu flex, see the 300 amp rating?? 7k+ watts off 1 power and 1 ground input dosnt really work for me...and no please dont take this as im bashing your build, just stating some things. Im sure its gonna be stupid loud, that much cone in that lil car ill be surprised if this build dosnt get bumped a month later about replacing the windshield and adding a stripper pole for strength, good stuff man, cant wait to see vids.

My F-150 Build




what if they tried messing with the amps when the subs werent louder :ehh: hahah jk :pardon:

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yea logan is right, seeems alittle sketchy having 7k rms and only 1 power and ground?? but whatever its still a kick ass amp and this shit is going to pound... fuck the haters they can all fuck a chicken :turkey::ban2:


oh and the stripper pole idea... hmmm i might just have to do that :)) thanks dude


wow now this just shows that smd isnt just any forum. We are a brother hood.

here let me put it in retard-onix for u aareehhhh duuuurrrrr ehhh got it now?

Sweet baby jesus the amount of quoting the quote above the quote in a quote is epic

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tuning is going to be roughly 35hz or so give or take a hz basically between 34-36 i do love the lows.. while i was there *keep in mind im not driving the car at the moment so it stays there incase got1lungz wants to work on it while im asleep or he wants to stay up and work on it, or do measurements. So with that being said, I am hitching rides from friends to get there and back LOL.

I understand where you guys are comming from with the amp! And Thank you for your inputs WE are going to be VERY careful when setting gains. I didnt get ALOT of pictures last night, because alot just involved him glassing some more, soldering wires, and getting everything ready to go. Subs should be here next tuesday so we got untill then to finish everything up. And the way he works, it should be done by the end of the weekend if not sooner.




The DC Integra 3 18s to 6 15 build log

Team_DC-Derrick's Youtube

Team DC Audio

where theres a will theres a wall.......

I just realized Steve has reach Voldemort status, over on JP's site he is the one who will not be named....."We dont speak his name over here, fearing it will destroy us" LOL not even in hush tones

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