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  1. Ive always had a soft spot for the honda...looks great unk! Cant wait till I can come get a demo of it again
  2. That van is brutal...leaves my head all kinds of fucked everytime I've heard it
  3. Looks awesome! Ill take a couple for my doors...looks like I need to make a reno trip when there done
  4. I'd be hiding a body that's for damn sure. Completely unacceptable and unnecessary. Nothing like showing the younger members of society that cops are "safe"
  5. Was wondering when this was gonna happen...lex keeps getting better and better. I loved the mechman alt I had before the massive mechanical failure
  6. Good stuff, I love sonic Electronix...ordered so much equipment through them and never been dissapointed. Awesome giving away a couple to some members unk..just another thing that makes this the best site
  7. The one time I was to lazy to wash my truck I took it to a place in woodland, this chick that looks like the batman aurora guy gets in to clean the windshield and goes to peel it off, I lost my shit, got a free car wash and im assuming a apology in some language I didn't know existed. Same sticker from my first show like 4 years ago lol....don't fuck with the sticker
  8. That's awesome! It pisses me off so much for some reason when I go to the movies are something and I have a one on my windshield in a Punjabi language. Only thing I want on my windshield are some chicks footprints and the termlab sticker
  9. It varies between 4-12" longer depending on which gen the suburban is. Excursions were made from 00-05 with 2 different gas engine options and a switch from the 7.3l to the 6.0l diesel in 03
  10. A quick google check can show you that the excursion is longer than the suburban
  11. Excursion hands down, didn't get the name of king of suv's for no reason
  12. Jump on it now before it gets worse! I have 2 bulging discs, 2 ruptured disc a cyst inbetween my vertebrae's and completely pinched off nerves. Its been going on 2 years now and constant pain every day and it could have been avoided if I got it fixed (im sure lifting the atm machine didn't help my back either). Just some advice, I havnt been able to compete in over a year, hell I can't even lift a amp into my truck. Hope you feel better man, back pain is awful
  13. Damn... Ive been wanting to order a couple onx4.125. Those on sale too? Side note, I love SonicElectronix .... retarded fast shipping!
  14. That's awesome unk! I really hope they use it on a show, can't wait to see what the next big offer is. The success you have had especially the past 5 years is awesome
  15. Love it unk! I need to make it back out to the shop and check things out the lexus is beautiful, with your attention to detail this will set it over the top
  16. I have been waiting for this moment forever! Im so freakin excited that this is out. Time to scrape together something soon and order one
  17. Willy Wonka called him up and said their making a sequal to the chocolate factory.... we wont see him for a while and when we do he will be covered in orange paint.
  18. If you do decide to burp it at .5 make sure your electrical is strong or you'll need a new amp. You gotta roll the bass knob real slow to get the most power out of it, It will go into clip mode if you go to fast or get to a certainpoint and go into protect but pop back out without shutting the amp off in about 4 seconds. .5 Isn't so great for music but will still play it, just goes into protect real easy....like I said you can get away fairly good with 1ohms bridged and it only goes into protect if your slammin on it hard at your tuning level. In my case at 1 ohm mine would go into protect right around 35hz and my box was conveniently tuned at 35hz and it pulled so much current before it went into protect, all audiopipe amps are power hungry and my electrical is pretty Damn strong so if you don't have a volt meter get one at the same time and wire the power end into your amp so you get the most accurate reading.
  19. Yes that's a good price and they are a decent budget amp, I used to run 4 of them at one point then sold them all and went all dc amps. They can be wired and play music at 1 ohms bridged with a strong electrical, they are a little power hungry but for the price are not bad. They will put out dirty power easy though so be careful. I even wired mine down to .5 ohms and they would still play music and burp up to a point then go into protect then without shutting them off, 4 seconds later come right back and take more abuse. If that's all the money you have for a amp....buy it. If you can save up for a better amp I suggest doing so, at one point I had 6 audiopipe amps and their customer service is the worst. So keep that in mind as to why someone would sell 6 of all the same brand amps, they treat people awfully.
  20. I'm not gonna use a toggle switch and can't get my relay to work so I ordered one that says it fixes the video problem, basically a pre wired relay i just have to hook up a ground the parking brake wire and remote. Also ordered a ground loop isolator and I forgot what its called though but I did some Google looking and found the equivalent to a power cleaner and noise reduced, it goes inline of the rcas from the deck to the eq and said its main purpose is to remove alternator noise and any hum noise. So I hope these things work and get the deck fixed cause I really like it, I think its clean as hell and will look great when kasey (thehoe92) helps me fiberglass my iPad into the dash. Question, I have to jailbreak it so it shows video on the iPad and on the pioneer hu. Thanks for the help guys
  21. I want ninja pix texted to me I'll also drive there ASAP as soon as its playing. I've had a feeling this has been in the works for a while, you always gotta have something to work on
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