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    I'll vote for anyone who helped the auto industry since about 95% of the people I knew lives were complete shit when it was down. I'm sure sensai would agree living in MI. Do I agree with everything he does, no. Do I agree with anything congress does, not really. If congress was better our country would be better. Since they have to approve any president's actions they hold more power than he does. If Republicans and Democrats would stop bitching about each other and work together our country would be a hell of a lot better too.
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    well... that just kind of killed the mood of the thread
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    are you serious? He has never recommended solely second skin, i can't even remember him recommending SS. There are a lot of better alternatives out there, audiotechnix is inferior to quiete a few products, SS not included. SDS is great sounddeadening, just like Second skin, even stinger has better deadening.
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    Your facts to support this? Because the fact is that he walked into this mess and if you take a look at the actual data you will see that now unemployment is actually going down and is currently at it's lowest point since feb of 09. You can check the stats here http://data.bls.gov/...ies/LNS14000000 Do you think he was the cause of the housing crash? The cause of jobs heading over seas for cheap labor? Again I am not taking up for this guy. I wish there was better out but I just can't stand people who sit up there and make up comments when they don't have the facts.
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    Thanx to all of you for checking out my topic especially Steve Meade. I told them to use either a o scope or dd-1 but they are stuborn.
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    to the OP, I have been to MANY Military funerals. This "memo" about not mentioning the POTUS is nonsense. There are variations to what the presiding officer says and it is no shit at the discretion of that officer, and is usually at a near whisper to the next of kin. In my case, the GO usually said "on behalf of a grateful Nation...". No one EVER questions what they say. I have been to funerals from Saint Louis to Arlington to Dallas to NC to VA... weather you like the guy or not, supporting flat out disinformation is doing nothing for our Country...
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    So....we delivered the bikes today and the kid was definitely stoked to get it. The dad on the other hand was.....a bit different. He didn't want me to take any pictures and it was all just kind of a "bizarre" situation....um, he was actually dressed up like a priest....even though he is NOT a priest....so.....yea.... Anyway, I know John is gonna ride that shit till the wheels fall of so I feel like we made a good decision giving it to him, not everyone expresses gratitude the same way and that's okay.....I still we did a good thing here!! I just want to thank you all for a being a part of everything that has transpired here, I really, truly appreciate each and every one of you and everything yo have done!! Thank YOU!
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    i think im going to like this build
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