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  1. no doubt place is becoming a ghosttown so many have gone
  2. congrats bmx. whats next months contest gonna be
  3. r.i.p. hugh hefner

    1. WalledSonic


      What a life to live.  And to live it til 91yo?  What a fucking rockstar.  RIP indeed.

    2. Ron36


      That man had a great life RIP 

  4. you know there are damb asses out there thinking that what thats for
  5. glad to see the give-a-ways are back steve. love the way you find diffrent ways to give stuff away
  6. started a new job last week and wake up sick monday been out 3 days not looking good
  7. uh my 82 toyota doesnt have an arrow to tell me what side its on
  8. they are popping up around me
  9. yes so many have gone karkov miss all the good times hope everyone is doing good tho
  10. finally got my truck grounded low life toy https://imgur.com/gallery/Tc2bR not sure if i want to get in on sotm yet but one day i will do a blow through in it
  11. great its back, i would enter but theres no way i could get 2 10s in my little toyota single cab
  12. man u in ok. those are just big hills😁
  13. to true i lived out there when that ehent down. made me scratch my head like wtf is this shit
  14. *sigh of relief* https://imgur.com/gallery/k8c0i