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  1. The higher the order, the sharper the roll off
  2. Just did one at work. very easy job. You can find a wiring diagram for it in one of the stickies at the top of the security section.
  3. If its older and isnt a cable lock, you can disconnect the cylinder from the lock completely and just use actuators. only problem is... if battery dies you are SOL
  4. Before you buy see if you can get the seller to flash your specific firmware or you will be SOL with a box that doesn't work with your vehicle. (unless default firmware is what you need) offer 5$ more for their time
  5. You can cut the wire on the antenna harness that controls the LED, and put it on a toggle or something
  6. try a auxiliary cable to RCA and plug it into your phone and amplifier. play something for your phone as a source and see if it bumps. if it does you know the issue is behind the amplifier, and continue your troubleshoot.
  7. they are seeing close to 4k on paper. but my voltage isnt bonerific either. if you tell them what vehicle you have they will give you basics on where to fire port and where to position subs. make sure you have handy the dimensions and space available for them
  8. Call rockford and talk to tech support. tell them what vehicle you have and what your goal is. they will design you the best case box that you can come up with.
  9. Go out of their way to start shit with you? i hate people like that. /end of tonights rage.
  10. Every company i have worked for has been a RF dealer. the BEST thing to do with RF subs is call rockford. talk to tech support and tell them you want your sub to HAMMER at 30 hz. they will design you a box right there. im running my 4 15" P3s in my tacoma (almost no room) my P3s have about 2 cubes each . i told them what i had and they said build it this way if you want them to hammer. im doing 151 on music
  11. Tested a DD-1 next to my scope. DD-1 = on point
  12. door locks prevent the door handle from working. if you remove the door handle then.. well..
  13. This. don't change programming yourself. you had it installed professionally and have a lifetime warranty. have them check for you whether tach is hooked up and not voltage sense or virtual tach. make them honor it. If tach is hooked up the threshold needs to be changed. Know that it is the holidays now and it is the busiest time of the year for them. call ahead and schedule an appointment and make sure the most knowledgeable installer at the shop can look at it for you. its really not a common problem, especially with DEI products, for vehicles to not start like that. i always run tach in all of my installs and its rare that a vehicle doesn't start consistently. when tach is learned the brain knows when the engine has started. if it doesn't start up the unit would hold the starter a little longer depending on the tach threshold as well. What t-money is explaining to you is to change the unit to read tach. the only problem with that is it wont work the first time because tach would have to be learned. if you do what he says it wont remote start anymore, though it is what needs to be done (after tach is connected). your best option for now would be to change it to virtual tach or voltage sense (whichever it is not on) and test. before you do all this though, take it to the installers. EDIT: he said 3 chirps, thats crank time
  14. ipods and iphones used through USB are interfaced. the radio reads it off the unit sort of like a CD unlike aux where it replicates the sound. itunes claims their songs that you download are "lossless" and are CD quality.
  15. Set yourself up a nice wood working area. start with prototype boxes of different sizes with removable ports. try different ratios of port area to box size and play with your port length for tuning. If you enjoy audio you will have fun doing it and might learn a thing or two
  16. You can get the smart start combo with the alarm included. its 299 installed at big box stores.
  17. adding all that weight to the cone lowers Fs too
  18. 28 days later bots will own this place. but on a serious note, what purpose does a bot serve to those who dispatch them?
  19. its a warning chrip, either a zone is open or your battery is dying on the remote
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