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  1. Anything besides a double din? I've got a good chunk of other stuff floating around right now. J
  2. Where is locally? I know its a bitch but I'd like these. I've been hunting for some good L7's for my firebird for a month or two.
  3. PM me if you want to sell these, or have any other trades in mind. I have been looking for a pair. J
  4. Ray- Can you PM me about trades you might be interested on your PPI gear. I am interested. J
  5. Check my FS ad bro. If one of the amps interests ya (that doesn't say sold) PM me please. J
  6. I got some Eclipse components I could let go. PM me to discuss details. J
  7. If your route brought you down to Tucson, AZ then I'd prolly snag it off your hands. J
  8. Got a sundown 3500. PM me for details. J
  9. I got a 3500 if ur interested. J
  10. I have a jugg motor. See my forsale ad. J
  11. Got some smaller DD, phoenix gold, rockford and sony amps in my for sale thread. Feel free to shoot me some offers. J
  12. I know down range our stolen or replica ear buds (no telling one from the other) were stickered at 25 bucks a pair. If you could talk you could get them for 15. J
  13. There used to be an orange on on Rt 16 in Olean, NY (just outside of Bradford PA) dude wanted 500 for it but it needed an overhaul on the engine. I'll find out if its still there. J
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