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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9kdRQv4m5Q
  2. fuck YESSSSSSSSSSSS PS turn up your speakers/earphones for some nice bass drops in the previews.
  3. Explain capacitance in a ac enviroment sir? The use buss bars in every panel I've seen to distribute power to breakers. I think buss bars for batterrys is cleaner looking more efficient and allows current to flow easier yes.as far as all metals conducting the same. Not even close. For example stainless and brass are low on the list. The least corrossive ones usually are. Stick with copper and aluminum. Or have some silver ones made up if your balling lol fixed. using gold would be stupid. less conductive than copper. only reason it's used a bunch is because it doesn't corrode as fast as the others.
  4. if you bridged your 8's it would only be 175 watts per speaker. 175 watts for midbass is feasible. there's plenty of options out there.
  5. just got a 46 inch for the room. Looking good!

  6. i just saw a pair of lnib ones go for 150 on caco. i think thats a reasonable price.
  7. used or new. just the 6.5 components. thanks.
  8. you bought the most budget shit possible. I can see why you're mad.
  9. you need to set your sub sonic filter. to a tad below 30hz but still look for unloading while doing so because the printed markings on the amp arent very accurate.
  10. if you dont even know how much power or how much rise is occuring in the first place, then how will you ever know if it's a true one ohm load? If you're not a serious competitor then I wouldn't worry about it. Shit, we only found out about box rise a couple years ago.
  11. the one set of GMs I heard sounded AMAZING. They were a thousand bucks though
  12. to add, it's extremely rare for a 6g72 to crank walk. On eclipses, yea but a vr4 hellll no. never ever seen a problem there.
  13. wow this was brought back from the dead.
  14. FUCK NO. stay away brother. i own a stealth and i would not own a first gen for a couple reasons. Transfer cases have problems, less splines, lifter tick, less power, heavier than newer gens. the list goes on. these cars cost a lot of money to maintain, but they are fun as shit to drive! edit: 99 lifters will fix your problem since you're already looking to rebuild. Also, parts for these cars are more rare and expensive compared to say an eclipse. EDIT x2....if its not a vr4 then i would look elsewhere. if you dont want to turbo then i would look for an SOHC engine for a couple reasons. one being its non interference. second being the DOHC non turbo isnt fast and is over rated on the power ratings. id rather have an under rated sohc at 165 hp then an over rated 220 hp. in a nutshell....not worth it, especially the amount of money you would put into it to only be a 220hp car. Look around and you can find a better deal. join 3si.org/forum for more answers to your questions. btw the splines and power loss i was talking about above was directed towards a vr4 so disregard that. sorry
  15. Im not a swole guy YET. Large ordered. Thanks Tony!
  16. hey tony. I want a t shirt and the asphalt shirt says for slim fit, one size up or not....what does that mean? Thanks man!
  17. I thought about stopping by during class and playing with her a little. Maybe if the kids saw me being her best friend (me being the super cool guy that I am ) they will talk to her more. She gets off the bus in an hour. She has an older sister on the bus so im also going to bitch her out for not sitting with her or standing up for her. My older sister stood up for me when i was little so she can do the same thing. She also has bad eczema so maybe the kids are teasing her about that. she's been bashful about it lately. We'll see how things go. Almost makes me want to become a teacher or school counselor. I'd put an end to bullying even if it got me fired
  18. LOL reminds me of the time i went to this grimey ass crowded bar and the HOTTEST chick in there grabbed me and took me to go dancing. she was pulling my hand down towards her cooch and turned and kissed me after this one song was over. she then went to the bathroom....never saw her again.... By the way, my pants had no blood on them
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