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  1. Something crazy but maybe your stock alt wasn't putting out enough juice to power some of the gauges correctly.. just a thought
  2. Walking into subway, than walking out and smelling like a fucking sandwich all day
  3. watch street outlaws.. he races that truck on that tv show. hes a funny crazy hick
  4. Diarrhea... when driving to work in rush hour and cant stop cause your going to be late
  5. I'd rather have a 4 door bat out of hell than a 2 door car that people expect to be fast. Got around 430hp and some ballsy torque in my 4200lbs car. Loving it
  6. Crescendo 12k have you seen it?

    1. ToNasty


      Haha know one is going to see it

  7. Lol woulda loved to see that. Its just funny these people try and talk car audio to fit in and just have a conversation. Hate when they ask me whats the best system ugh. Its like really.. your really asking this question
  8. Stupid kid trying to talk to me about car audio at the dealership. Than at the end he says he has buddy (go figure) in a Tahoe with 4 18s who ripped a phone book in the port LOL Steve
  9. heck yeah mobil1 is great. Im using amsoil right now the signature series. i go 25,000 with that oil and the filter to go with it. Tested the oil. Was still good. I swear by mobil1 and amsoil. ONLY SYNTHETICS
  10. Missing the AA mayhem damnit it just sits in the shed taunting me. I just need my fix for the month lol someone meet up and give me a demo haha I NEED BASS!!!
  11. Hahaha people at work giving me weird looks for it.. just like you already know
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