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  1. Something crazy but maybe your stock alt wasn't putting out enough juice to power some of the gauges correctly.. just a thought
  2. watch street outlaws.. he races that truck on that tv show. hes a funny crazy hick
  3. I'd rather have a 4 door bat out of hell than a 2 door car that people expect to be fast. Got around 430hp and some ballsy torque in my 4200lbs car. Loving it
  4. Crescendo 12k have you seen it?

    1. ToNasty


      Haha know one is going to see it

  5. Thats some good stuff you did. Good man. I would of made up another little box within it "special gift" with some duece in it. Here's a POS for a POS, someone that tried hard to win and who is in need really could of used that. Karma's a biotch.
  6. Oh yeah u have to raise hell lol they probably get so many calls on that, but the calls that matter are people that just sound absolutely nuts lol. They should give you some stuff if you mean buisiness
  7. I'd like to know just for general knowledge..i dont wanna have to call people to find out the answers, i come on here to find out info. Its nice he calls him but it be nice for the public to know also.
  8. Its a DB electrical alt.. dont like it. And i actually just ordered some welding wire 2/0. im upgrading just about everything in my car
  9. Yeah firgured more than on batt in the back would be overkill lol i just have the amp at 1 ohm and just one run of 0ga. Im thinking of trying out the Crescendo 31 group battery seems like a good deal.
  10. It is a daily driver but i do go to some competitions, Oh and my car hates volts, ive changed the alt twice, i can put it in drive and volts will drop pretty low and than when i hit the gas the volts go back up. It also did this with the stock alt cause i know some H/O alts volts at idle are lower.
  11. 04 grand marquis, 250 amp alt, big 3 done 1/0, XS 3400d under hood, cresendo 3500d, soundqubed 125.4, mb quart 80.4, 4 gauge wire going to the speaker amps fromk batt, 1/0 going to the sub amp from batt. lights dim pretty good at full tilt. gains are set correctly.
  12. Would it be ok if i put a xs3100d in the trunk of my car? Would my alt be able to supply enough power for the 2 batteries? Also is is ok to have a smaller battery in front and a bigger one in the back? I would like to just put a 3400d in the trunk also instead of the 3100d if that would be enough power.
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