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  1. Fuck dude I'm an idiot. Sitting here for like 10 minutes thinking my phone isn't loading right cuz I saw this and thought i was missing something... I didn't see a video of a game... Then I realized You were kidding.... Lol
  2. Ever tried an Ishihara test? Will tell you if you have color blindness or not.
  3. If the alt cant keep up the battery isn't doing much either.
  4. You guys always have so many sales and I always seem to miss em' lmao I always buy in between the sales, I need to waaait! Hahah
  5. Dude... Your work is fuckin killer! Also love that after busting your ass all day on builds, you take all the time and effort to film and edit, showing us what you did and how you went about it!
  6. Yeah I know, just means I gotta spend more money lol.
  7. Not big on the amp, but that purple cf caps is sooo sick! Woulda matched my alt.
  8. Not a religious person, nothing against it or anything, But that's fucking sick if you really did that. Any more to share? Reminds me of the coffin in The Strain, if anyone watches that show.
  9. Just waiting on that alternator, then all the fun can start! I'm

  10. bill can do this for you No I know, wasn't complainin or anything.
  11. Lmao all this cool shit after I buy my first DC products.
  12. Shit!, I shoulda waited! Haha Damnit Will, you shoulda posted this sooner! Haha
  13. Yeah I bought it a couple days ago, I had forgot to enter my email before I clicked checkout and it wouldn't let my proceed, I HAD to enter my email to go through with the purchase.
  14. I'm pretty sure the sonic bucks expire.. I got an email today saying I had 10 sonic bucks but they expire sometime in September and that I have to spend a certain amount for them to be used.
  15. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bKxJKXA1LxM http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d4KPWOUkbw8
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