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  1. that amp seems to have more issues than just two blown transistors... you have either damaged something else in the amp whilst trying to fix it or when the transistors blew they have damaged the board. i'd say you'll have to send it away
  2. kicker kx600.4 and a small kenwood 4 channel kac-643 I think is was
  3. do you hav a rep for Australia? can we even get them here yet?
  4. Cannot buy local, always cheaper, delivered to my door, don't have to talk an audio dealer/shop into ordering in what I want (they will always try to sell you something they have instock)
  5. depends if you like to play with the sub level or if you like to set it and leave it..... i'd prob suggest turning it all the way up and tuning it from there (this way you should be able to damage anything)
  6. so are you using a bass knob? did you set your gains with the dd1 with the knob maxxed out?
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