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  1. From an FFL you have to be 21, because pistols. And actually I found a guy selling stripped lowers, going to buy one tonight. Probably going to build a 300aac pistol with it, though I'm not positive yet.
  2. Both are designed for AR15 receivers, just needs a different BCG and mags (and barrel, obviously) If I wanted to go AR10 there's a lot of better options but cost is the big deterrent. And without being able to buy a lower myself (unless I can get lucky at a gun show or private sale, which so far hasn't happened) options are even more limited and costly.
  3. Anyone here have experience with 6.5 grendel (or the 6mmAR)? Was thinking about getting an AR10 style rifle but I'm wondering if just a new upper might do the trick. Pretty much just for target shooting, long range. I reload so ammo is a non-issue.
  4. Yeah I hate you a little bit. Not liking my odds of even being able to get atf items by the time I'm 21.
  5. Buying online S&B is what I go for. Usually on the low end of cost and it's some of the cleaner ammo I've used. In 45 at least.
  6. Thinking about a 22-250 or 243 for paper and varmint duty. Also probably a 300 aac upper, and a few other AR things.
  7. I've shot some of the white box .45 fmj, it shot pretty good but it was a little dirtier than other ammo I've used.
  8. Top of my list if I ever have an extra grand or so on hand is a five-seven. Fucking rad little cartridge imo. EDIT: As well, I kinda want a PS90. That's my just because gun. But I'm an FN guy.
  9. Why bother with the DD1 at all? Crank the gain until it's loud enough.
  10. Bondo has a gold professional filler that is pretty damn similar to rage gold, works great for me.
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