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  1. damn thats wild, lot to pay for a 4 channel and 3 way. i havent heard much about any of their gear besides the big monoblocks and the top couple lines of subs, perhaps this is their way of raising profit.
  2. got a mechman 320 in my 5.0 92 mustang, anyway to get it recased for my 2007 yukon xl 5.3 liter?
  3. cool article, I knew i would see the mmats juggernaut/mmats d300hc and cerwin vega stroker on there as wella s the jbl crown I had a mmats d300hc that was modded, and a mmats d200hc, they were absolute beasts back then for the size. Love mmats but so pricey..
  4. every stereo ive set with dd 1 ive had to use max sound quality for sub amps cuz any of the setups that had real power ended up getting stinky subs on anything else. ive setup a cheap boss amp on maximum loudness setting and it was fine, think it depends on your power and subs really
  5. Sent my mechman 320 into mechman for servicing, was charging at 18 volts, and was outside warranty, so I sent it in last week Tuesday and already have it back today ! awesome customer service. keep up the great work. lets see another alternator company fix it the day it comes in and send it out that same day!?? will be using mechman for my new build too!
  6. stock is no go totally different, the regulator inside mechman comes back as 2004-2005 buick 2001-2005 caddilac and 2004-2005 Pontiac 1 wire internal regulator
  8. if I could get the parts I would change the regulator myself. wonder if its possible to use the regulator off my stock alternator in it
  9. yea I'm not driving it anymore. I emailed them see what the deal is maybe gotta send it in
  10. I have had my mechman alternator for a couple years, Tonight I noticed a strange reading on my volt meter and the smell of rotten eggs. I shut everything off and quickly got the car home, pulled out dmm and I'm getting 18 volts with the car on. Did the internal regulator take a shit? What are my options?
  11. back to work ughhh hard after 4 days off and lots of bass intake lol

  12. yep reserve series pretty beast, know some guys with the 80.1 on high voltage, big power
  13. curious on the mounting depth of the lvl 6 18? wish all audio sites listed mounting depth
  14. really was hoping to see this thing at slamology, any updates on it?
  15. https://www.facebook.com/kyle.polchinski/videos/vb.100000497873974/1353805891312660/?type=3&theater I really liked this setup it was clean and loud thought id post the video here since the setup was all dc audio
  16. hell of alot of work on stereo this weekend, added prolly 500 pounds to the back of the mustang.

  17. seems kinda small for port area, should try 2 8 inch ports, thats 100 sq inch, 8 inch aeros are pretty cheap for good flared painted ones, around 32 bucks each I think 5 cubic feet is also to small for 2 15s. I would shoot for BARE MINIMUM of 6 cubic feet NET, after all driver/brace/port/ displacement
  18. why isnt neil running incriminator audio amps to match his subs? i guess having to buy 22 amps would deter anyone from brand switching heh
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