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  1. I got a 2011 avalanche its the LT model. I put a lot of work into it this holiday season. Almost done.? Or whatever! Dang I don't even have a picture of it yet. Anyway nice talking to a fellow GM fan!
  2. You can gain a seriously surprising amount of information on generation, year model, motors and all that shit on wikipidia. I was really surprised when I looked for info on my avalanche.
  3. Previously I had a girlfriend with a forester and its probably just preference but sub up sounded best, the sub was a 12" T1 on a kicker 1000 watt mono amp. Which is comparable to the xl. I would defiantly recommend some sound deaden er on the roof of dat bitch cuz hers would rattle like huff!
  4. Yes thank you for your imputed. Or whatever.. Basically you may wanna think about editing this page of windy nonsense since it has nothing to do with this topic?
  5. If you are having all kinds of trouble finding the full spec sheet for the dc line of subs (level 6 in particular) you can strike gold at Sky High Car Audio.
  6. I lost count of how much shit has spilled on my keyboard, probably 5 or six times its gone crazy typing all sorts of shit I wasn't. I unplug it wait about 12 hours and boom just like new! I did spill one small glass of water on an apple keyboard and that was the end of that permanently.
  7. I dig the system looks really nice even though me and bombaclad fords are not on speaking terms right now!
  8. Right on that's good to hear what did you end up using? I have heard of mixing saw dust and wood glue and that it works really well.
  9. I have no experience with the black widow stuff however for Christmas last year my lady got me the Corsair Straffe mechanical silent keyboard, and the Corsair Scimitar RGB. I am really satisfied with both I love the keyboard with its adjustable leds and it silent other than really awesome feeling keys and being able to see in the dark it is just a keyboard I love it though. What I am really impressed with it the Scimitar RGB mouse like the keyboard it has a fully adjustable bunch of leds but it also comes with 8 keys on the side that are fully programmable and are mechanically adjustable so they are in the perfect position according to your hand size and your preference. I don't play a whole lot of computer games but I absolutely love the mouse!
  10. Steve at amp medics gotcha thanks a lot, my MOSFET's blew up just a couple on each side and I would hate to let this amp just waste cuz its a little power house! I was thinking of maybe using it for some home audio setup until I went into the guitar center yesterday. They have some professional system like concert setups that are real legit for not a whole lot of money I was pretty blown away by what you could get for a thousand dollars one could walk out with a wireless high and mid speaker powered with class a/b 1000w amp and a wireless 18" 1500w sub-woofer. I say forget the bookshelf shit you could easily spend that much on nothing in comparison! If you're looking for some home audio check that shit out first. JBL Makes some real nice stuff. Thanks all for the replies. I will set it at 80 that sounds good. I am almost done with my custom amp rack I wanna upload some pics I did my whole system custom and its taken a while but I am pretty proud of it.
  11. Velocity has a really good (inexpensive) 250a alternator ($350) for that vehicle. I use on of one of them in conjunction with a dcpower 320 for my 2011 avalanche. Its one of the hardest purchases you are obligated to make when dealing with mobile audio, but it is probably the most important regarding the longevity of all your other expensive components.
  12. Turn your knob all the way up then set your gains till you are almost clipping this way when your knob is at max you will still be just below clip.
  13. You absolutely without a doubt do need 2 fuses. You need a fuse within 1 to 2 feet of any hot wire coming off any battery especially a wire that is run the length of the vehicle whether outside on the frame or otherwise. A fuse on the battery under the hood is not going to do anything but keep the front battery charged for the fire that will ensue as soon as the trunk battery shorts out and burns your car to the ground.
  14. That is a nice box not sure what the solution is to your leak hopefully someone else with have an answer. I have tried using all sorts of methods to plug holes like you are describing with minimal success. I have used these t nuts with great success on multiple enclosures, not one has ever spun out like you are describing. I purchased them at the home depot. Tnuts
  15. I agree with Walled Sonic here you are almost certainly clipping the heck outta your system. The sae 1500 is a great amp but will only put out 1500 clean watts and the dc xl 15 will handle 2200rms and from my experience with dc those numbers are pretty conservative. You need to be able to either get a knob with the clipping indicator or find a way to look at the sign wave when its turned up. I recently purchased one of these dvmm with an oscilloscope function. It is not a nice meter by any means but it does have an oscope function for like 60 bucks. I have learned a lot with this meter and would recommend it. Inexpensive Oscope
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