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  1. yeah you nailed it buddy I bought a new iphone and broke the pos within one month (the camera malfunctions). your pretty funny . Ill do what you told me and thank you for the info. I think your bird is pretty awesome!
  2. You may not be impressed with my silly crap streamer here but I need your help with what the hell is all burnt up here and if i should r&r it. It still works I got it cuz to me amps play music so much better than the deck and I am ready to upgrade if necessary. Thank you in advance.
  3. As long as you set your gains correctly (zero clipkitty bang bang) IMHO 2 level 5's will no problem handle one 7.5k. I have a level 6 18 getting all 7.5k watts from a sundown scv7500. Its my daily I feel like it would even handle 10k.
  4. If you are having all kinds of trouble finding the full spec sheet for the dc line of subs (level 6 in particular) you can strike gold at Sky High Car Audio.
  5. Hey guys and gals. I need to order a recone kit for my dc level 6 18 m4 I really liked the look of the carbon fiber cone and dust cap till I saw the price. Real shocker right. Any rate what do you all think of the carbon fiber cone for the extra $320.00 plus $40.00 for the carbon dust cap. I am sure it will be more stiff but is it worth the extra. Thanks in advance.
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