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  1. WOW its been a long time since I've been on here! Hope I remember how to post stuff!!! WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!


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    2. sideshow_kustom


      Lol yeah I'm gonna get back on it for sure!!! ?

    3. mathewyocham


      Welcome back. Cant wait to see what u been up to.

    4. Karkov


      About time you back

  2. Great video Steve! And this is why I run that same amp in my Wagon ALL 14 X6.5's @1.33 ohms on a single RF T2500-1bdcp!!! I LOVE these amps! I've had mine for a little over 2 years and on 5 different systems and it has yet to let me down!
  3. I still LOVE mine!!! I am running mine active on a SAX-150.4 and can't ask for nothing more clear! I am running my set in the kick panel Passive cause I do have another set of bullet tweeters on them as well. But you will be more then satisfied with your purchase of them Awesome! I have a 150x4 that I will be running them active on as well. If you don't mind me asking what are your x-over points? Lord I would have to see if I can see them! My 2 150's are mounted under my front seat and I have to remove my bench seat to get to them!
  4. I still LOVE mine!!! I am running mine active on a SAX-150.4 and can't ask for nothing more clear! I am running my set in the kick panel Passive cause I do have another set of bullet tweeters on them as well. But you will be more then satisfied with your purchase of them
  5. Well got the other 62 Wagon home to make into a Tow-Pig for Bis-Kwik. Already named him Pig-Pen! Thinking of starting a build log for it. I will be getting some of my stuff for a small sytem for it Friday

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    2. askmeaboutmy6.5s


      Giant batt and cap bank under the floor for BisKwik! Awesome idea!

      If y'all wouldn't mind I could use your guys votes for sotm. Support some fellow 6.5s!

  6. So far I'm in love with it. Now I went with the XS15K in my Wagon and the weight is un-real! 17 pounds! With my single D3100 at full tilt I would see drops into the low 12's since going to the Lithium I haven't seen nothing below 14.1 yet. As of now yes I would buy it again! I'm just curious of what the life cycle of it will be that is the only thing that concerns me about it. I guess time will tell that part!
  7. Yep just couldn't help my self! Going first thing in the morning to buy another 1962 Chevy Biscayne Wagon to make into a Tow-Pig for Bis-Kwik on them out of state show's!

  8. I'm BACK! Been working on the Wagon HARD!! I got a bunch of pics to Up-Load!

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    2. sideshow_kustom


      It's been a little bit!

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Can't wait to see the work you've done, I'm sure it will be awesome as usual.

    4. sideshow_kustom


      About to get off work and soon as I get home I'm going to start uploading build pic's! For once I think I'm happy with it..........FOR NOW!

  9. Re-doing most of the Wagon right now and it is being a pain in the butt!

  10. I enjoyed the first set of the SA-6.5cs v.2 component set's I decided to install them in my doors as well. This things are CRYSTAL clear and well worth every CENT! I also am installing them in the rear doors as well!
  11. That's awesome! Could you tell me what song that is please? Thanks man. The creator of the song actually left me some comments on the You-Tube video!!!! Here is the link to the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRBEr-TGoa0
  12. Made a new video of them yesterday! I must say I'm LOVING this slot port over the 4th!!!!
  13. I did some more testing & Thought I would clamp my amp today just to get a few numbers off of it for a base line. All 14 wired to a single Rockford Fosgate T2500 @1.2ohms, The numbers are 89 AC X 34.3 AC amps= 3061.6watts with around 2.6ohms rise & a 242.2 DC amp draw on the RF amp. I can live with them numbers for now! DC amp draw on the power feed to the amp
  14. SO I got home from work today thought I would throw the meter in the Wagon and see some numbers. Well here they are! Sealed on the windshield This was in the port. Never done this before and not sure why people even do it but here was the number in the port!
  15. Thanks man! I hope to be doing some updates on the Silver Bullet 720 build soon as well. I'm expecing a few things in for it & I sent the whole truck off to have a engine swap done in it. I've been trying to stay busy between the both of them!
  16. Few shots of the Wagon that was taken @ the Ruckus show this weekend. I seen these floating around on FaceBook so I saved them, thought I would share them! Best Old School Ride!!!!
  17. Had a fun time at the Ruckus show this weekend! Won a Trophy for Best Old School Ride!!!

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Congratulations. I'm sure you would win most old school ride comps, your shit is nice.

    2. sideshow_kustom
    3. Soccerballzs
  18. Well here is one of the video's floating around of the Wagon. I made this one right after I installed all 14 of them. Sorry my camera kept hitting the rear gate! Was kinda in a hurry so I didn't piss the neighbors off!
  19. Got all 14 Sundown X6.5's in the Wagon and up and playing! I have a video of them on FaceBook but will be making another today and posting on here

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I saw the pics on FB.That setup looks nice man.

    2. sideshow_kustom


      Thanks man. I have a video on there 2. But I took it last night so it was kinda dark. I'm going to take another one today

  20. I have made a video and it's floating around on FaceBook. But I will make another today in the sunlight so you can see it better. But here is the link to that video if it will show up on here https://www.facebook.com/#!/ronnie.smith.961993/videos/vb.100000304041051/1021480987872026/?type=3&theater
  21. OH YEAH! Will have all 14 of the X6.5's in the Wagon tomorrow!

  22. Well look's like it's time to Try out 14 of these Sundown X6.5's! Will be putting this in tomorrow! Didn't get to do all the Kerf's in it but this should bang in the Wagon!!! Decided to change direction this go around!
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