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  1. Let me rephrase. I want to check if the dd1 will distort while using spotify through bluetooth on my 80prs. So voltage shouldn't be an issue, more of finding where it distorts. I'm going to try jhunts method with the rockford track on spotify. So far I've been running my system on my -5db dd1 disc tune and the subs have been fine. I appreicate the input though.
  2. Is there a certain way set gains if you use something like spotify? I typically always just use a usb for music, but spoitfy seems like a cool option. Is "full volume" on all phones a similar signal strength? Does anyone have input on this?
  3. tuned in for the big stuff.............
  4. oh okay. I'll give that a shot. I currently have a avh-x4700 in there but I never seem to actually use it for its purpose. I feel like a single din and a mount would look better/provide better function. Thanks for the ideas
  5. Does anyone know if the two/three meter case has mounts on it? How should I mount it in a single din slot without it pushing into the dash?
  6. The issue is the dash kit for the gs doesn't have a removable pocket/the pocket is not big enough. I was thinking of opening up the hole with a dremel I just can't imagine it would look very clean.
  7. Considering picking up a couple extra meters and using a smd three meter mount. I'm not all that great at fabricating things on the dash. Does anyone know of a possible way to use a double din dash kit with a single din deck that would look clean with the meters as well? Vehicle is a 1999 Lexus GS300? Any input is appreciated.
  8. Finally putting my alt in after a month of it sitting.... Hoping for a decent increase in sound. Been seeing a drop to around 12.4-12.6 on heavy bass tracks.

  9. Semi Patiently waiting for my singer alt, only a few more days...........

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    2. Kyblack76


      Im just horsing around. Mikes the shit

    3. hdorre


      Mike is a boss. You'll get taken care of.

    4. Lakeshow94


      Forsure. I'll never buy an alt from anyone else. One thing that I think singles singer out is i've never heard of a upset customer.

  10. Haven't checked it yet. I'll post where it clips here soon once I put my system in. Great deck though, you should enjoy it!
  11. but if you like android auto shell out a little more and go with the avic-4100nex. Seems like a cool feature. I might still try and sell this 4700 and pick up a 4100 nex.
  12. get the 4800 if you have a newer phone. The 4700 does not support alot of the new androids. I found this out the hard way a month ago..............
  13. One more final in one hour! Than to start running rca's and speaker wire....... still more enjoyable than studying for business law

    1. hoit


      best of luck in your testing Lakeshow!

    2. jcarter1885


      I loved my business law class, do well on the finals.

  14. I'm young............ an alpine mrp-m350. Followed by a pioneer d8601 a week or two after
  15. Listen, read what you just typed then remember it took you a month to ship the sub"s" From my point of view how incriminating does that look? this isn't csi. Missing an "s" is not sure fire dna evidence to convict on...................
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