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  1. that's your opinion of autotech , mines the opposite , their customer service sucks unless you think talking to the receptionist is actually some service . and they are pretty local to me . i wouldn't use one of their alts if you gave it to me , actually wouldn't use one if you paid me ....
  2. what welding cable brand that had silicone in it ??? just for informing others , i don't use welding cable .
  3. why did you need 100 feet of power wire ?? how many runs you doing ? i have 2 runs of positive from battery delete to lithium bank in back and two frame grounds from bank to frame (already had big three) and three positive runs ,three negative runs all 2 feet each . i bought 40 ft. of positive(red) wire &16 ft. of negative wire(black) , what i'm saying is that i hope you're measuring out what you need and buying it rather then just buying it by the spool , might save you some money and then could afford better cable .
  4. make sure you use glue lined heat shrink , welding cable is not tinned . to each is own , i would never buy welding cable because it's not as flexible and also , what i just mentioned , it's not tinned . i have thousands invested in subs , mids , tweeters , amps , head unit , etc.. a shit ton of other accessories like battery terminals , lugs, lithium banks , enclosure etc.. no way i'm gonna try to cheap out and save a few bucks on electrical !! don't take it wrong , use what you like and can afford , i do , but use the right tool for the job . 👍
  5. stick with the Knuconceptz , welding cable is too stiff to work with to me
  6. looked those batteries up and they are in fact solar , rv, lawn mower batteries. they have a built in BMS in them that limit discharge to 100 amps output , that's why you don't see anyone use a BMS in lithium car audio battery builds . my suggestion is to get rid of those batteries and get an actual purpose built lithium bank that can support that amp and other amps you are running . you will need to have a bank (lithium ) to support at least 700 amps for that amp and whatever other amps you are running , i suggest a 96ah Headway bank ..
  7. are those some solar batteries you got in that wood case with the down4sound stickers ???? might not be getting enough current tp that amp if they are solar batteries ...
  8. need a E400.4 ?? got a new in the box one , never used , hit me up , getting rid of it cheap
  9. they look to be the same tinsel material , just one weave was puller tighter then the other , meaning the wider one's weave is looser if you can envision that.
  10. had a similar experience with jims , i ended up buying similar product from Toolmaker and i am very happy i did !! as far as machined parts and other accessories , i stick with SMD and Toolmaker ...
  11. can you change my name from toyonbags to 02Blazer , please! thank you
  12. put a d2700 in there , you should be able to fit it
  13. i also have a blazer and am about to do the big three , i see you didnt fuse the power wire to the alternator , do you think it should be fused ?? i know it's only a 12''-14'' run of wire and to me , putting a fuse between seems not nessasary , is that what you thought ?
  14. amazing deal !!! will be ordering one on friday , going in a 2002 s10 blazer , going to be powering 2 orion amps ( 1500.1DZ & 500.4 ) the sale is perfect timing .cant wait ...
  15. good luck then , hope it turns out the way you want it , just keep in mind what i said
  16. i mentioned the Cando arms cause i feel anyone looking into using Air Ride Tech. stuff is not trying to have to much fabbed and wants a DIY kinda setup .....
  17. if it was me , i would not use shockwaves for anything , use some 6" bags up front , those shockwaves' cost is ridiculus !!!! if i were you i would call up Cando Specialties and get some control arms from them for 760 bucks and buy some Slam Specialties RE6 bags , done deal here is the link for Cando Specialties , they have parts for nissans - http://www.candospecialties.com/
  18. which ever side the panhard bar is connected to the frame , when the vehicle is raised up , the axle will move the same way . the more lift , the more side to side travel . panhard bars are very popular on hotrods cause they have short ranges of travel . when you are looking at up to 10-15" of travel on most truck air suspensions , the panhard bar is just not a viable option .
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