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  1. Ignore him seems the dudes just trying to be an ass. Not everyone can have the best shit on the market lol but looking at his profile pic makes alot of sence
  2. im up to 415lbs i hate how much i have gained in the past couple years and now i dont have the will to do anything about it.. Depressed cause im fat and fat because im too depressed to do anything R.I.P
  3. that moment when you are beating your system and someone either thumbs up you or nods their head
  4. My amp draws so much power not only do my headlights dim very low everything goes down.. gotta love stock ALTs!!
  5. anyone know a good place to mount a amp in a 02 tahoe? My Rockville dB25 is just sitting under the rear seat and its too long to screw to the floor and its just sliding around banging on the metal seat bars. and i plan on getting another one and a 4 ch version of it in the future so any suggestions would be awesome!

    1. reedal


      Making an amp rack that secures to the vehicle, and then mounting the amps on it usually works pretty good. Location is all up to you

  6. Finally upgraded from the Boss ARM1500 cheap crap amp to a Rockville dB25 and holy hell the difference is crazy!!! The Rockville amp is amazing and id love to get another one some day now i just need more subs. I traded my Boss amp for some Old school MA Audio MA121XQ subs and because i was in a hurry i didnt test them first like an idiot and later that day when i tested them... they dont work and i have no clue why one sounds like it rubs a little bit but nothing and im upset but thats what i get for not testing them first

  7. Finally after months i was able to reset my password!! its great to be back

  8. Havent been on here in awhile! finally got the tahoe going again now its time to save up to get a new amp to get some actual bass going

    1. mathewyocham


      No boss audio this time! Lol.

  9. Sold one of my Boss amps so i could get a cheap knock off fuel pump off of amazon... BUT WAIT i dont even have a card to use online!!! DAMNIT!

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    2. Phillip Klocko

      Phillip Klocko

      yeah idiots on facebook are selling those fuckers for like 60 where im at and i been trying but some people are smart to stay away from them and then there is the problem that when i get the truck going again i wont have any bass.. what do i do.... guess i sell the damn thing

    3. mathewyocham


      A functioning ride is better than bass. Those amps are no good. Best to use them for some good to get ur ride going. Hell id sell it for 40 to get it gone fast. U can save and buy new amps that r better.

    4. Phillip Klocko

      Phillip Klocko

      yeah i know but it will just suck :( but i will get over it xD

  10. so truck is still broke down.. and it REALLY SUCKS i hate not being able to drive and jam out to some tunes.. :(

  11. Anyone know where the fuel line leads go after they leave the filter and go to the engine on a 2002 tahoe? i think my lines may be clogged and i cant jack up my truck to find the lead and if i can just figure out where it comes out to the engine it would be a big help

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    2. Phillip Klocko

      Phillip Klocko

      where would i find that? lol

    3. deathcards


      driver's side of the fuel rail what sucks is you will have to have the o-rings as well cause they will shrink as soon as they hit air

    4. Phillip Klocko
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