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Found 50 results

  1. So I have been trying to calculate my first 4th order for 2 orion hcca 10s. I have started with having a seperate sealed chamber for each sub with 0.625 cuft each and a common ported chamber of 2.5 cuft tuned to 45hz. I was just wondering how much port area I would need? Also if the airspace would be fine? Also I went for a 2:1 ratio since that was pretty common, what would be the advantage of going to a bigger ratio like a 3:1? Ive heard these subs like smaller enclosures so I didnt want to get to big. Thanks!
  2. So I'm trying to design a box for my 2 zv3 12's, i have installed 2 bucket seats in the rear of my 02 chevy pickup, and things have changed a ton in that truck since i last posted here. I plan on doing 2 zv3's in a ported box in between the 2 seats, almost like a tall center console. i found a 3D model of a zv3 12 on a different fourm, but i cant get the person to respond with a link to a download. Im just trying to get an accurate look of the box, and also having a model of the sub would be cool
  3. I'm trying to figure out how many cubes and what to tune each side of a 6th order bandpass for a single sundown zv4 15 and how many sqin's the ports should be. It's a d2 rev2 and will be ran on a shark 3500.1 amp. Its going in the extended cab of my 2004 f150. I want it musical and loud lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I new to building bandpass boxes and I could really use the help. Thanks!!
  4. I'm looking at building my first 4th order for a sundown zv4 rev2 15"d2. I have experience building custom boxes but have never built a bandpass. I'm not sure on what ratio to go with. I like lows but would really like something musical. It's going in a extended cab f150 powered by a shark [email protected] Could someone tell me how many cubes for the sealed and ported side and how many sqin my port should be and what's the best to tune it at? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  5. I've seen quite a few write-ups on 4th order ratios and what not, but am struggling to find anything on 6th orders. what would a 1:1 compared to a 2:1, 3:1, etc. ratio 6th order sound like? Thanks!
  6. Look over my 4th order specs

    Hey! I'm working on a build log for my friends box that I'm designing, and I just wanted some who's designed some of these (especially isobaric) to take a gander. I wrote my own 4th order calculator in Java and posted it before I figured out there already was one online (fail). The specs are as follows: Enclosure type: Isobaric 4th Order Bandpass Subwoofers: 2 SoundQubed HDS-2.110 600WRMS F(s): 31.63 Hz Q(ts): 0.519 V(as): 1.97 ft^3 Vf: 0.52 ft^3 Vr: 1.101 ft^3 Qbp: 0.71 S Factor: 0.7 Fb: 43.53 Hz Desired F3(L): 26.8 Hz Passband: 26.8 - 70.72 Hz Gain: 0 dB Also the port specs were kind of crazy. The minimum size was 11.24" diameter and 78.84" long. I'd like a shorter port but the only way to do that is decrease diameter which increases air speed and might cause port chuffing. Thanks a ton!!!
  7. I was reading up on 6th order bandpass boxes and I ran across some patents. I found a lot of interesting design information in these patents, but no calculations. Whats the point you ask? To understand better how bandpass boxes function. Knowledge is power. Most of the patents have a lot of blah blah blah near the beginning of each patent since justifying the patent is first and foremost. Somewhere past halfway, each patent lists some design tips, tricks, rules, etc that are great and thats where the interesting portions begin. I recommend to have the attached pictures (at the beginning of the patent) opened on a second screen so that you can quickly reference the numbers identifying each component and its importance in each system. 4th order: https://www.google.com/patents/US2689016 Parallel tuned 6th order (Bose): https://www.google.com/patents/US4549631 Series tuned 6th order: https://www.google.com/patents/US4875546 Series and parallel-series tuned Nth order (8th and higher): https://www.google.com/patents/US7103193 Helmholtz Resonance, the concept that drives ported enclosures and all 4th, 6th, etc enclosures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmholtz_resonance I've been reading through these for a few days now trying to understand whats going on with these more complicated arrangements and I think some of you will benefit from the information in these patents. Enjoy.
  8. I am going to be building my first spl vehicle, and the guy i work with is suggesting that i build a 6th order. now i have looked online and have asked around a little bit but i wanted to get a few more opinions on the matter. originally i was just gonna build a high tuned aeroport box but he is claiming i should get +12db from using a bandpass? now i would have thought that if this was true every person would be doing bandpass. can anyone shed a little light on this situation for me?
  9. I've had about as much fun as I can I think with the 4 subs I have in a regular ported box, so I'm thinking of moving up into a sixth order. For the past 6 years or so I've used WinISD Beta, and I am comfortable with using it to model ported enclosures... Yes I know it's not accurate in an automotive environment because it doesn't account for cabin gain, however I've modeled 3 or 4 enclosures in it and replicated a few more and can see how adjustments apply in the real world... so we can get past that right away, thanks. Not trying to be rude, but every time I say WinISD there's always some one who's gotta throw that in... So I have 2 questions really: 1. What are the design considerations between a series tuned 6th and a parallel tuned 6th? Can WinISD modeling be used interchangeably? I understand I would have to increase port area on the high side, but is that it? 2. What are the performance differences between the two alignments (series vs parallel)? Is one more prone to unloading? I would think a series tuned would do well until below the low-side tuning, but a parallel tuned in my mind seems to be riskier. Simply unsure. Appreciate any input you got.
  10. I am hoping someone can explain bandpass and how the port tuning works. I recently had a friend give me a bandpass box with a kicker cvr 12d2 in it... the box measures 15"h 20"w 8. 5"d both sealed and ported side having these measurements. 2 tube ports 3.875" What i don't understand is way it sounds for the ports it has??? According to every port calculator iv used its tuned at 95hz! Am i measuring port frequency wrong or does bandpass create a different port frequency that is measured differently. Also can someone explain bandpass and how you tune one. I AM ASKING, CAUSE THIS BOX SOUNDS AMAZING DESPITE THIS QUESTIONABLE PORT FREQUENCY!
  11. new box help

    so ive built alot of nice boxes but never got into the 4th and 6th order stuff, and i want to, i just got a good deal on a mint 12" alpine type x and i wanna experiment with it... can someone help me learn how to design 4th and 6th order boxes. or kinda show me how its done and then i can learn by doing it. more or less how tuning goes and how box size effect it all pictures are always helpful, and links thanks
  12. *************[Note: Since photobucket decided to nerf everyone's accounts, a lot of the pictures in this thread are gone. I intend to fix all of the posts but it will take quite a while. Photos start on page 29 currently. In the meantime all of the photos are available on Facebook by searching #projectflexington and many are on Instagram under the same hashtag. Thanks for looking and please don't be afraid to comment! ]************* So figure it is time to start a build log for my 6th order wall. Been working on it for a few weeks now. I'll start by posting the equipment I'm using for the build. Electrical: Batteries: 2 nsb170fts and 2 stinger group 31s: 3 banks of super caps: 2 singer 320amp alternators (these came with the truck, I'm currently in the process of redoing the bracket to strengthen it and add a tensioner but I'll elaborate later): 4+ spools of skyhigh 1/0, knukonceptz 4/0 ofc for alternators (will post pictures later) Terminals, marine grade ring terminals lugs, properly crimped with double wall adhesive lined heat shrink: Subs are 2 sundown x15s rev 1(will be rebuilding for level 6 18s at a later date): Sub Amp, kicker warhorse: Head unit and tweeters, Sony dsx-s210x and 4x Earthquake Screamers, 1.5" 150wrms per pair silk Dome tweeters with replaceable voice coils: Mid bass, 4x dayton audio 10" pa woofers, 300rms each: Mids are tbd, probably 2 8" midrange speakers. Lots of Baltic birch: If you enjoy, please comment!
  13. been awhile since i posted last, so here goes.. system run down 99 explorer sport 4.0 4x4 1 0ga power run to the back big 3 done in 0ga 1000ca battery up front optima yellow top in back grounds are to chassis with 0ga wire 2- brz1700.1 amps running 1 ohm per amp 2- soundqubed hds315 dual 2ohm 8cf box with a small octoport ( free box to start out with ) pionner avh280bt head unit pac lc-1 bass knob we did a 147.1db and clamped at 711rms per amp at 43hz. we did that on stock 95amp alt and since then installed a H/O 250amp. by ear seems a little louder, clamped it and is at 768rms at 14.5v on rear battery so gained a little.. have skyhigh 2/0 coming to replace the 0ga power run, hoping to get more voltage to the rear and up the rms again, will see come next weekend.. our delema is horrible box rise i was told so we are not getting close to rated from our amps. did a clamp test at .5ohm and got 646rms. have the plans and cut sheet for a spec box for these subs but am wondering a box change/ more port area could help the box rise and gain us rms? we are just starting out on the audio scene.. we have plans on building a 4th order b pillar wall and am curious on something. we could do a 4 hds315 4th order with our current amps. friend said it should be louder because of more cone area, or do a 2 hds315 4th order with a cab1600.1 or ta1.3000d amp at .5ohm.. curious on thoughts as we are doing our 2nd comp oct 1st.. and we are aiming for a 150. so spec ported box on more power, 4th with 2 subs on more power, or 4 15s in a 4th with our current amps and see how it goes..
  14. I've been out of the game for about 10 years now, but used to do some competitions and build stereos for friends. So I'm trying to relearn what I used to know, and possibly expand my horizons a little with some new stuff. As the title states I'm considering a couple options for my 2006 Subaru WRX. Unfortunately the trunk opening isn't huge, so I can only finagle about a 3 cu.ft. box into the trunk opening. However, if I built 2 separate boxes, I may be able to get closer to 3.5 cu. ft. by being able to slide them in separately. My dilemma here comes, that the main goal is to seal everything off from the trunk, but trying to face the subs and ports forward is going to be near impossible with about 32" of width in the seat opening (can't really go wider than 30" with one box and still be able to slide it in). I guess finishing assembly in the car could be an option, but since I do race/auto-x every so often, it would be ideal to be removable. SO, on to the meaty stuff. The subs I'm considering are either 2 12" RE Audio SEX V2, or 1 12" RE Audio SXX V2... My initial intent was one big box with a divider and everything facing forward. Well, since I found out I'll be pushing the limits to even get close to 1.7 cu. ft. per sub (more realistically, 1.5 cu. ft., after account for port and sub), I started to wonder if just doing one beefier sub may be a better option. This is when I remembered that 4th order BP boxes exist, and I always wanted to try one. This would also be ideal if I could line up the port with the ski hole in the middle of the rear seat, allowing me to keep the seat in place if I choose. Either way, there will be a board sealing off the trunk that I would bolt the box to (with an opening for the port, of course). I'm going for SQL here: I don't need all out bass like I used to, but I still want to be one-up on the trunk-thumpers (hence sealing off the trunk, which is practically made of tin on my car). I figure with this bigger sub in one properly built box, even if that means just a regular vented design, that I could be as loud or close enough to the 2 12's in mediocre-sized boxes. I'll stop rambling for now, hopefully this is enough to get a solid conversation going. Any more info needed please ask. I would love to make this decision soon as the bug has bitten me hard and I'm ready to get back to building. Thanks! -Ian-
  15. Hello, I just want to introduce you build for my friend. It consists of: 2x Sundown X15 2x Crescendo BC3500D 1x Crescendo Concerto C1100.4 1x ARC audio 4ch (dont know the exact model) 4x Crescendo PWX 10 4x Crescendo FT1 Tweeters 1x Powercell 4000 battery in front (we do the 3 big upgrades of course ) 2x CZ audio 115Ah batteries in back 2x Exide AGM 50Ah in the back - running on stock 120Ah alternator - Pionner 2DIN radio The sundown´s are in 6th Bandpass enclosure (4th was planned and builded but it wasnt what we want so we upgrade it to 6th ) tuned from 18hz running on two bridget Crescendo BC 3500D (metered over 5kW and 0,85ohm+ impedance in bridge - 0,425ohm on each amp) Some scores (metered on the front window) 147db @ 20hz driver window opened 150,4db @ 30hz sealed 154db @ 30hz driver window opened Here are more pics from build: https://www.facebook.com/miqra/media_set?set=a.10206386572810730.1073741861.1460274342&type=3 And here some youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cwWGOAvA8g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4JODrZ6Y2I
  16. So I didn't know where to drop this topic so here it is... But im wanting to build a blowthrough in my 05' impala. I cant seem to get this figured out right. ive built sealed boxes but never ventured into this type. I got all my base numbers and all but lack the computer programs to make sure its all gonna be where I want. I just got three kickers cvr 10's. if anyone is willing to help id really appreciate it. I can post all the numbers I can work with.
  17. Best box designers?

    hey guys, im looking for some of the best box designers you know of to design me a flat wall for 4 18s. thanks!
  18. 4th order tuning?

    hey guys, im wondering how to determine the tuning of a sealed section of a 4th order. i know sealed boxes dont ecactly have a "tuning" but ive heard they have an Fs. so in a 4th order, how do you get one to play really low? like below 20hz. ive also heard its good to tune the ported section to the sealed sections Fs. ive had a good amount of experiance with 4th orders so im just seeing how much of this is true. im wanting to convert my current 6th order wall into a 4th order for 3-4 FI SP4 18s and want it to play down to 20hz or lower. is there a formula for determining the Fs (tuning) of a sealed section of a 4th order? thanks for any input!
  19. Hey guys, Figured I'd make a post to announce myself. I'm Drew Jones, I design custom subwoofer enclosures. I operate under Bassahaulic Productions or Bassahaulic Designs. https://www.facebook.com/BassahaulicProdutions I've been in the audio game a while, I've ran a major car audio shop in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area for the last 3 years. As well as being apart of one of the loudest car audio Team's in the world Team South for even longer. And yes, I sell them, usually $20/design. Comes with full spec sheet, cut sheet, and if you would like a Sketchup... a Sketchup. lol And yes, I know some people do them for free. But I feel my years of knowledge and loud builds speak for them selves. Below you will see my most recent design I did for someone, as well as quite a few videos of systems I've both designed and built. Non-Wall. Single Cab Chevy. 2 db Drive K9 10"s. 1800w Non-Wall. Dodge Nitro. 3 db Drive K9 12"s. 1 db Drive A7 3500. Walled. PT Cruiser. 2 Fi N3 18"s. 2 RD D9's. Same PT, Non-Walled. 2 SSA ZCON. DD M3a Walled. Isuzu, 6 RF T2 15"s. 3 RF T2500bdCP's..... Loudest Rockford Truck Known to Exist. More Videos of this truck in the 1st reply. I'm new to the Sketchup thing, never really did it before until this week. lol So be easy on me. If you're interested, feel free to PM me. E-Mail me at bassahaulic52 @gmail.com Or Facebook at.. https://www.facebook.com/BassahaulicProdutions
  20. Alright guys So i have the idea of getting set of Kicker Comp 15" subs. I have a 1990 Ford Bronco and Right now i got some pathetic little Planet Audio AC12D's <---"lul's" in the back in a ported box I built, they sound okay just not enough for me to cheap for me I gotta say they are something more for like an S-10 Cab I have way to much Cabin Space for them cheap little guys to satisfy me. So the plan is to buy a set of the Kicker Comp 15"s DVC And I wanna build a 4th Order Band Pass Enclosure. So for 260 Bucks for 2 Kicker 15"s and a few extra for the MDF and the 3/4" Plexy Glass, I think I will be under the limit of 500 bucks. I Was just curious of anyone else. Have or seen or built Boxes for a Bronco? Have you guys ever seen one or two 12" subs rattle the shit out of a Bronco like the way a set of 12's sound in a Truck of a car? Because if I can get my truck to hit Hard; Low & Clean I will go with Higher Quality 12" Subs like a kicker CVR's in a 4th Order or 3 CVR's in a Ported. I just would like some input because it just seems like there is so much Cabin Space it's hard to Compress a large Cabin like a bronco and make some hard low bass I've noticed. Unless it's just my cheap subs <----"I have a feeling that's my issue" But Since I can afford it now I'm just going to Upgrade I wanna know. So here is my list or ideas Which shall I do? 1. Two 15" Kicker Comps in a band pass box. 2. Three CVR 12" kickers in a Ported Box. 3. Two CVR's in a 4th order Band Pass.
  21. Hey everyone its been a while (like a year, seems like a while to me) since ive installed anything into my car. I have a 12 in p3 I would like to put into a 4th order bandpass box in the trunk of my car. After reading about 4th orders I would like to go with a 1:2 ratio. The sealed side being .83 cu ft and the ported side being 1.62 cu ft after displacement. Tuned to about 47 hz with about 15 in of port per cube via a slot port. This will be the first 4th order I have built or designed so if I may have this all wrong. Just wanted to see what you guys think about the idea and specs of the box?
  22. 6th order bandpass

    This is my first 6th Order box I have attempted to create. For those of you that have the experience, do you guys mind telling me if this box looks promising? It's going to hold 2 Power Acoustik Mofo 15's. It is tuned to 32hz / 51hz
  23. ok, to start i want to reiterate that is for an SQL build, i have a car for SPL already. i have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a stock set up besides the HU so its time to upgrade now that its getting nice outside. the "PLANNED" set up as i have no bought anything yet.... FRONT set up: (per door) 6" dayton RS150-4 http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rs150-4-6-reference-woofer-4-ohm--295-372 Air Motion Tweeter http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-amt-mini-8-air-motion-transformer-tweeter-8-ohm--275-095 3500hz 2way passive cross http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-xo2w-35k-2-way-speaker-crossover-3500-hz--260-146 Sub stage: SINGLE 12" sub http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-um12-22-12-ultimax-dvc-subwoofer-2-ohms-per-coil--295-512 AMPS.... either 1xAlpine PDX-F4 100rmsx4 http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-f4/ 1xAlpine PDX-M6 600rmsx1 http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-f6 OR a single 5 channel amp 1x Alpine PDX-V9 500rmsx1, 100rmsx4 http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-v9 im concerned that with a 5 channel amp the SQL and power will suffer when bass hits. but that 5ch from alpine is perfect specs the box im looking for is a box that is probably a T-Line with a flatter response. i have 44" wide and upto 30" deep, would like to keep the box 14" tall or under. port and sub both facing back Im VERY open to changes or modifications. i have a stock alt (95A) and batt, but i will be swapping the hood batt for the largest xs power that will fit to make sure i have 0 voltage drop
  24. Hey guys, work in progress here! My brother over at Good Vibrations Audio is building my car.www.facebook.com/GoodVibrationsAudioFL Please check him out if you like the build! Thanks! GVA I'm Evan Otis and this is my build in my 2000 Ford Contour! Located: West Palm Beach, FL Goal: is to have a fully functional, clean sounding, & stable audio system! Bandpass box: 3:1 ratio with 2 SA Ultras on 2 2k Crescendo BC2000. Box Peaks at 37hrtz. Subs specs: 750 watt rms Front Stage: 8" Rockford Fosgate mids and super tweeters. Rear Stage: 6" Rockford Fosgate mids. All powered on a Crescendo C1000.4. Battery: Powersafe 190ah Alternator: Stock alt Here's a timelapse of the build & a short preview of it playing. Here's a video of it playing with my windshield seals blown out from bass. https://www.facebook.com/Lil.Otis.or...20?pnref=story (It's fixed now haha) We are making progress. Ultimately going to have LEDs in the box (plexi side). We are going to do an infinity mirror on the top of the box and maybe do some plexi engraving or plaques inside of the box representing GVA. Inside port we are still undecided. In the future I will most likely upgrade the subs to something that will handle more power! Current Scores are 149.3 was kick with driver door open and 149.0 was windshield driver door open. I'm confident that with some small electrical upgrades, reinforcing, and tuning we will get our 150db score from two budget subs! Making progress. Let me know what everyone thinks and I'll be happy to answer any questions! Will keep this thread updated with pics, vids, and info!
  25. Greetings all, I recently purchased a 1970 El Camino that I would like to install a SQ system in. There really isn't a lot of room behind the seat so I am contemplating something like a bandpass box ported down through the smuggler's box from the bed into the cab. Every time I have listenned to band pass boxes in the past, they did not have a flat response. Is it even possible to get a flat response out of one? I don't want to have to adjust my output with an eq more than just minor tweaks. I am planning on running a RF t2500 to either 12" or 15" subs(pair) and a T1000-4 to the rest of the system when done. This should have more than enough power for good headroom when listening at realistic volume levels. Anyways, Thanks in advance for any help.