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Found 54 results

  1. I was reading up on 6th order bandpass boxes and I ran across some patents. I found a lot of interesting design information in these patents, but no calculations. Whats the point you ask? To understand better how bandpass boxes function. Knowledge is power. Most of the patents have a lot of blah blah blah near the beginning of each patent since justifying the patent is first and foremost. Somewhere past halfway, each patent lists some design tips, tricks, rules, etc that are great and thats where the interesting portions begin. I recommend to have the attached pictures (at the beginning of the patent) opened on a second screen so that you can quickly reference the numbers identifying each component and its importance in each system. 4th order: https://www.google.com/patents/US2689016 Parallel tuned 6th order (Bose): https://www.google.com/patents/US4549631 Series tuned 6th order: https://www.google.com/patents/US4875546 Series and parallel-series tuned Nth order (8th and higher): https://www.google.com/patents/US7103193 Helmholtz Resonance, the concept that drives ported enclosures and all 4th, 6th, etc enclosures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmholtz_resonance I've been reading through these for a few days now trying to understand whats going on with these more complicated arrangements and I think some of you will benefit from the information in these patents. Enjoy.
  2. Hey guys im doing my first build 3 skar evl 15s dvc 2ohm on a ts 3.5 I was gonna do a flat wall but everyone I know personally who does comps says if this is for me anf not for comps I need to do a fourth order cause it's more musical and has more bandwidth i wanna do demos but really i just love bass I've tried bass box 6 and win isd and on regular ported walls it wasnt a problem to get good response on the graph but when I try it with the 4th order calc no matter what i do I cant get the tuning right i want it tuned where its peaking between 32 and 55 Hz tops I don't know a bunch about it all i know is i love bass and I am a noob to all competitors I've read over an hour a day for 9 months and finally got the basics but still know nothing theres so much to learn but im dedicated i got everything for it ho alt batts subs amp and all power cable ran but cant build the box correctly cause i cant do the specs and don't wanna mess up the subs from doing it wrong I know it's time consuming and has no benefit to you but if someone could please help id be eternally grateful the box max external specs are 42d 36h 40w so it leaves plenty of room for the 2:1. And the subs rec enclosure are 3.5-3.75 sealed 3.5-4.0. Ported thanks so much for even reading this ridiculously long post if someone would help I will build and show results so they can know there time wasnt wasted -hooplah-
  3. Hi! Anyone got ideas for 4th order enclosure Digital Designs 512b woofer? I have made some calculations with Winisd but im not quite sure of the chamber volumes. I want to get the box peaking around 40Hz, witch i believe is the peak frequency of the car. So what kind of chamber volumes you would suggest to one 12" woofer? Port will be 6" or 8" depending of length and tuning.
  4. In Finland we have this thing called: reilu meininki. Abusing 8x12" with one 1.10000 GZ amp.
  5. Hi fellow members! I have an 04 quest looking to do a 4th order in the trunk. I have 4 american bass XFL 12s. looking for a 2:1 Would be greatful for some help thanks! So far i have sealed section = 3.315 ported = 6.63 port area = 99.45? I'm having a bit of an issue with the port size what tuning do you guys recommend? along with dimensions?
  6. Alright im about to build a 4th order for my jeep today. The max dem are 24x42x20, This gives me roughly 5.5 ported tuned to 44hz and 2.25 sealed, doing a slow port up, with about 111 sq in of port. Now one of my questions is would a full sheet and a half be enough to make this box? I did the math in my head and i believe i have just enough wood to make it. If not i have a few small pieces of mdf i can part with. Im hoping for a bandwidth around the mid 20's and the mid 40's anywhere close to that will be fine, as long as it will be able to play 23hz at the minimum only cause i dig few low end songs. The equipment is a single sundown zv3 with ns softparts, will be powered by 2 apsm 1500s at 2 ohm strapped. Goal is more of a decent bandwidth and more musical with the capabilities of digging deep in the low end with efficiency and maintaining a tight punch. Ive built a few 4th orders, this will be my first for my own personal use.
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to build a fourth order for 4 soundqubed hds200 15's. Need help because I've never built a box like this before and I want some input on what people think on what I've got so far. On the ported side I plan on giving the woofers 4.5 cubic ft each so in all a total of 18. And on the sealed side I plan on giving them 1.5 cubic ft each so a total of 6. I wanted to tune it to around 32 hz so for the port I plan making an 11x11 square port that's 3.25 deep. So give me some feed back on whether this sounds good or bad haha, thanks.
  8. Just bought the Suburban about 2 weeks ago. All the bag work was done when i got it. Its on 24s and the compressor for the bags is belt driven. Its already a head turner seeing something this big going down the road with front all the way up and the back down lol but now its time for the audio. Im doing 6 Sundown X 15s in a 4th order back at the c pillar Im gonna run 3 of the new Sundown SCV amps(not sure which ones yet) but gonna use some cheapos till there out and i have the cash. I had a big build in my car and sold most of everything so now i also gotta slowly buy some electrical back. I just have 2 xs D3100 for now and stock alt I already have the subs. Pics of the Suburban: At Sundown Headquarters Picking up subs from dealer
  9. whats up guys, long time form creeper 1st time post, so I picked up some brand new 2014 Kicker L7's today and a Hifonics Zeus 3200.1... I had a Brutas and a Addictive audio V2 12 in a 4th order.. My question is is a 4th order possible for 2 12" L7 in a 2012 impala I already have top deck cut for old 4th order 6.5x9 port, I know new port will be MUCH bigger but im lost on building this box I cant find any answers or ppl who have done it I want SPL not Quality... ANY help or ideas creating this box would be great! thanks guys.
  10. Hey guys, Im looking for your opinions on my next build. I plan on doing either two 12s at around 1500 rms with subs and port firing into the cabin sealed off from the trunk or a 4th order (3:1)at around 500 rms with a single 12 and port firing into the cabin. -Ported just over 3 ft3 around 35 htz -4th order around 5 ft3 around 50 htz Car- 2010 Civic Coupe Looking for something that really hits the lows and gets loud. Thanks, look forward to seeing some of your ideas.
  11. Ok I have a 04-08 supercrew f150 with a seat lift kit installed. Will be putting in 2 skar zvx 8d2. With the 4th order box right now I have 1:1 ^3 sealed to ported. I have been doing lots of studying on Pollyfill. There is a proven method of using IM-SG SMD to measure the gain of ^3 with adding Pollyfill to a box the video was done by demore engineering. They added Pollyfill to a box and added 20% more box volume by adding Pollyfill. the problem is I don't know how much Pollyfill they added to achieve 20% volume increase. So what I'm trying to accomplish is after adding Pollyfill to sealed section having my box volume 1.3^3 for both subs giving me perfect sealed size for the subs which will give me closer to 1:1.5 ratio of sealed and ported then Pollyfill the ported section with the end result close to 1:2 ratio of sealed to ported. I've had multiple people tell me I'm crazy but numbers are saying it can be done if someone knows how much Pollyfill= ^3 % gain. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. I'm trying to design a 4th order for my Dodge charger, but I'm not familiar with bassbox pro. Just wondering how everything looks. I found a design on here that was almost exactly what I needed, but not enough space on vented side so I did a little tweaking. Going for 45-50hz with 2 cubes on sealed and 4 for ported side, for a 2:1 ratio. Not everything is filled in, like fb or f3, but just wondering if it seems solid. I couldn't put the contraltos in as drivers so that it will tell me everything, cause I couldn't get the driver list to update, it kept having an error.
  13. im looking into buliding a 4th order box but i want the port to come right out the rear seat the arm i have an opening where i can pull the arm support doen from the seat opening that area for a port the only problem i see is that my port would have to be over 20 inchs long and i have looked around and they say the shorter the better. but i can shove an 18 inch sub in a fourth order box with only 7 inchs of clearance cuase of the shape of my ride. i got deep trunk as you can see but it has a straight rise up cuase they have the gas tank there and then it drops down into the cab 21 inchs after the this rise. any input is welcome i am looking to get into SPL heavily at the comp level.
  14. So im doing a trunk build on my caddy and i was wondering about ports. i was thinking 4.1 sealed and 7 cubes ported. The graph it made in winisd seemed pretty good so i might go for it. Of course i have the best and worst car to do a build, cant fold the seat down so i need to cut holes in my rear deck for the port, so the question is should i do a regular rectangle port / slot port or areo port / pvc tubes? and how much port area? i'll provide some pictures for better understanding what im going to do. the last one is the rear view, since im doing a slanted baffle to make the sp4's fit. tell me if im missing anything that would help.
  15. Hello all, been a while since I have posted here. I have been out of the audio world for a few years, but I picked up a 4th order box off facebook recently that was built specifically for my 2001 Chevy Tahoe. Got it with all the trim pieces for $150.. I couldn't pass it up. I have attached a few photos if anyone is curious to see what it looks like, they arent the best but you'll get the idea. I have tried searching this forum and google but couldn't find any real specific answers. I am trying to figure out what subs would work best in a 4th order application, I have found that High Qts and low Fs is what I am looking for, but I do not know any specific numbers as far as whats considered to be a "high" Qts number or a "low" Fs number that I should be trying to stay within. Also, any other major factors to consider aside from recommended enclosure size? I am trying to keep this (sort of) a budget build and looking to spend around $100 per sub and have the subs on around 3-4k rms total. I was thinking I would go with the D2 HDS2 15s by Soundqubed as they are $104 a piece. Is this a decent sub for a 4th order application? Fs is 28.93 and Qts is .572. I am not set on this sub, and am currently searching through local facebook groups daily for some used subwoofer options. I know box volume can also play a factor in deciding subs, I dont have the exact dimensions currently but can get them if needed. I have no issue determining the box volume and reading whats recommended for the subwoofer as far as box volume goes. Mainly the Qts and Fs is my concern. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!
  16. Any input is appreciated, thanks Vehicle : 2000 Eclipse Space available : ( Depth 22 x Width 32 x Height 16.5) Subwoofer make and model: 1 Dc XL m2 15 on 3k Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Need help! Everyday Music Tuning Freq : 31-32 Hz ? Volume : 4 cubes? Dc says Atleast 3 Questions: Need help on box design. 4th order or aero port box? the sub needs too face forward (unless 4th order). What will be a better design for the sub? How many aero ports and what size would be needed? Can the port be forward facing? external aero port? can the port and sub face forward if not sealed but a good fit? this the same car with a side firing port https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELV1...lbN7SQ&index=7 . This is with the external port and forward firing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWKRw-zxjPo . Feel comfortable with building any design and have the tools to do so (or atleast try) Thanks for your time!
  17. Wife and I did a car swap. Im cool with it, only her car has got no bottom... Unacceptable. This build will be modest, as there are always monetary needs elsewhere in a growing family. Still I gather... 1-Rockford Fosgate T500-1bd (craigslist $100) 2-Rockford Fosgate P2D4-10's (new) 1-Scoshe e1000 4 guage kit (new) 4-hours or so designing, and redesigning first ever 4th order box Not too much experience in trunks either, but you dont know till you try, right? It even fits.... Yes.
  18. Hi guys, last week i´ve seen a wall looking like this: I´ve never seen this kind of box before. Anyone knows how this kind of box is working and how you can influence the tuning of the box?
  19. So I have been trying to calculate my first 4th order for 2 orion hcca 10s. I have started with having a seperate sealed chamber for each sub with 0.625 cuft each and a common ported chamber of 2.5 cuft tuned to 45hz. I was just wondering how much port area I would need? Also if the airspace would be fine? Also I went for a 2:1 ratio since that was pretty common, what would be the advantage of going to a bigger ratio like a 3:1? Ive heard these subs like smaller enclosures so I didnt want to get to big. Thanks!
  20. Sorry guys moved this post over to the subwoofers / enclosures section
  21. I have an obsidian audio 15 in sub. right now it is in a ported box tuned to 30hz but i want to play highs while still getting the lows. i was debating on a 4th order. obsidians site says 2-2.5 for sealed box and i was reading that a 4th is a 2:1 ratio. is a 1:1 ratio okay? i was thinking about tuning the ported section to 40 hz is that still too low? Here are the specs of the sub Re: 4.0 Ohm Fs: 31 Hz Qms: 2.9 Qes: 0.76 Qts: 0.61 Vas: 81 Le: 4.36 mH BL: 18.18 SPL: 87 dB Sd: 856 cm^2 Mms: 321 g Xmax: 20mm Peak-to-peak: 62mm (2.45") Power Handling: 600 watts RMS Recommended enclosure info: Sealed ~ 2.0 to 2.5 ft^3 Ported ~ 2.5 to 3.75 ft^3 @ 28 to 32 Hz Cutout: 14.0" OD: 15.5" Mounting depth: 8" Mounting flange to top of surround: 1.5" Displacement: 0.19 ft^3
  22. So I'm planning to do a single zv4 18 fourth order wall in a Subaru Outback after the rear seats (C pillar). I'm thinking the ported chamber could be about 8-9 cubic feet tuned to about 45-50 hz with about 135 square inches of port area and about 5 cubic feet of air in the sealed chamber. With all of this on a Crescendo bc3500, how do you think this could do with all that other cabin space in front of it? what im really looking for is to move as much air as I can. I love them lows, 15-35 hz range. If any body could give their 2 cents, that would be great.
  23. Hey i have a few questions about 4th order for my hatch. Was at the pawn shop and they were selling two of the new type r 12" for $120... couldn't pass it up. they have a couple small cracks in the cone but both play as they should. As far as design, doing 2cu^ft sealed and 5cu^ft ported 4th order, my questions are as followed. For the two 12's i should have around 80sq inches of port correct. So if i did a 9"x9" port it would be 14.13" long for 45hz tuning. Should i face port toward the roof? Or you think there would be added gain to kerf port toward the rear (cabin gain possible?) Any input is appreciated, ive always ran ported boxes, this would be my first attempt at a 4th order. set up 1991 civic hatch (work car mpg+) jvc head unit 6.5" focal component in front Have two 12" alpine type r (new style) getting Hifonics 2200wrms cea compliant (i know there are haters...) plan on running 800wrms to each sub, want to have room to play with if i change subs in the future. Putting two pairs of 4" speakers up front to help. Focals sound amazing with one sub but i know they wont be able to keep up with the increase in power and addition of another sub
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