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  1. That's a zv4 rev 1 with the OG mega roll surround. Get with DTX ( Directronix) for an up to date recone with mega roll V2. That sub uses a true D2 8 layer coil. I believe there is a high BL coil available as well but those coils are very similar if I'm not mistaken. That's a potent driver with the right soft parts.
  2. It's saying that I've used all the attachment space I'm allowed and to manage my attachments to free up space but when I go to manage attachments it's just bringing the pictures up it's not giving me an option to manage them. Can anyone help me figure this out so I can post more stuff today?
  3. Autotech alternators FTW. California company and phenomenal customer service. And there's not too many builds in California louder than that first picture that I posted that have a stock cabin if any at all TBH. And I guarantee you there's not a build in California that does a 62 on less power. I'm responsible for the loudest stock cabin build and the loudest extreme cabin build on the West Coast if I'm not mistaken. My truck is way louder than 162db. I stayed under 9k clamped in my first comp. I haven't turned it up yet. πŸ˜†
  4. I'm not even really a competitor. I just like to build. I just happen to build the loudest Sundown Audio builds on the West Coast. It's not just Sundown Audio though... My designs and my builds are just pretty damn decent. We're just getting warmed up also. πŸ’ͺπŸΏπŸ‘‘
  5. I decided to compete a couple weeks ago and I'm already murdering in efficiency... If I would have competed and modified 10K I would be second in the nation with a non burp build. My Escalade plays 18 to 62 Hz and it's rather flat. 58's @23hz on sub 10k and 162 @45 on around 8800 watts. Fully stock cabin. Does 61 on the glass @ 45hz also. 58s on glass @24hz and 55's on glass @20hz. Low power. Single Salt 12 rising from . 5 to 3.2Ξ©... 6x rise lol.
  6. Carlos Herrera is the excursion... It's since gained about 6db. I'll have to get with him to send me some recent footage and recent pictures of the new cabin modifications. But even at 169 he's still the loudest in California
  7. Keeps telling me my files exceed size limit... I've got a ton more other stuff to post while I get it figured out tomorrow. Haha
  8. Not this build... This is my personal stock cab 4th order. The build I'm speaking of is 8 Zv6 15's on 4 salt 8's @.5 ea. 174.5db certified and is currently the loudest build in Mecca and USACi in California as well as bass wars I believe. This one belongs to a customer in Socal. CJ Lithium. I'm located in Vegas. I'm also responsible for the two loudest musical Sundown Audio builds West of Texas. I've been busy.
  9. I haven't posted on here for a while but I've been building my ass off... Quick lunch break right now but I'll be back in a few hours to post some pictures.
  10. Not an OG in audio or the forums but I'm still at it. Daily 62's. Building a new sixth order right now in my Escalade. I remember I made a post saying trunk 150s when I first got on here hahahaha. Trunk 50's easy these days. Still having fun.
  11. 2x punch 40's in 1996 powering 4 punch dvc 10's.
  12. Deaf Bonce is amazing equipment, team and customer service. Big ups to Deaf Bonce!!!
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