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  1. LilTeddyP: They will do 2000 at 4ohm, the power supply is unregulated, and the dimensions are 9.3 wide 2.1 tall, and 27.5 long. 684bass. I have a sale pending right now. If it doesn't go through then its yours. Where exactly is American Samoa?
  2. I could really use the money, otherwise it would've stayed at 600 shipped.
  3. I would agree with basscort. You probably could get away with it if you had an overkill electrical, but it would still be risky.
  4. Item For Sale Crossfire VR 4000D Information This amp was recently fitted with a brand new board by a Crossfire tech. Overall the amp is in amazing cosmetic condition and still appears like new. I still have all the original hardware, manual, bass knob, etc. This amp is a powerhouse and will put out a true 4000 watts RMS at 12.5V at 2ohm. They have been known to run below 2ohm but never less than 1.4ohm for daily with a solid electrical. Price I'm looking to get 600 550 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Not really considering trades but shoot me your offer anyway The pics can be found at http://s1105.photobucket.com/albums/h359/efederici/
  5. SteveMeadeDesigns.com It's just one click better then the rest
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