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  1. I just mocked up a side folding Mosin. I know, historic blah blah but it was fucked when I got it. I'll post pics once I finish the duracote. I have $40.00 into it and it fits in my backpack.lol
  2. I own 6. All different shapes etc. I have a couple shutter uppers and they run sub-sonic garbage rounds better than ALL the rest...
  3. I know this isn't a for sale thread but I am going to be selling some parts that I was going to use on a 300 blackout build and the OTHER section may not get views from the gun folk. Mods, would it be OK to discuss or post the parts here?
  4. http://thearmsguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2cht9he.jpg just got this letter sent to us today about "Wrist supports" on Pistols and the question of it making it an SBR if shouldered...
  5. we sell these at work. The AR wrench is fuckin solid. and we have 22 in stock,but fuck the distributors, raising prices for no reason...
  6. http://nemoarms.com/portfolio/omen-match-300-win-mag-ar/gallery/guns/ shot one of these at work today! Less recoil than an AR15! Double tapping a 300winmag was just breathtaking!!!
  7. WOW!!!! All I can think is, 2k+ over rated with ONE RUN OF 0ga!!!!!! Hats are definitely off to DC right now!
  8. I have a Maverick 88 and it does it's job pretty well. I picked it up to see what all the talk was about...
  9. the wife got me another WASR underfolder for xmas! I was hoping for a rail but the gun is a WAY better idea!lol
  10. You know the story behind that right? I was wondering if you had a piece of history or just another bringback. STill a cool piece to own but the mum still being on there really gives it a mystique. there are a couple of reasons the mum was removed. Mostly because the soldiers wouldn't hand over the emperors property. Another is MacArthur wanted to remove the emperor's symbol out of disrespect. Either way, they are not all that valuable. But mine is an exceptional gun. VERY good condition. Most American collectors hate anything Japanese so it's not really sought after but it is a cool gun.
  11. might get my WASR underfolder today. And I may have a trade going for a Yugo brand new in the box! AK's are falling from the sky lately!!
  12. shit no. No mum, but it didn't really make a difference. This thing looks brand new and even though the rear sight is fixed it shoots pretty fucking good... some of the later "last ditch" or "supplemental" model 99's were so shitty that they killed the man firing it. Mine is a GREAT example of the last good rifle built for the emperor...
  13. I scored an Arisaka "last ditch" gun the other day. The story was his grandfather braught it home but it is in near 100% condition and even the wood but plate is near new. I have about$30.00 into it and have been offered 6 bakalite AK mags for it!!
  14. I just put a Sweet 17 scope on my savage .17hmr with accutrigger. Gonna take it to work and zero it tomorrow. I am taking the father in law on a squirrel massacre when they come into town Monday!
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