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  1. be nice and give me those smaller ones to put in my doors lol
  2. Ive seen this video like 18 times before and this whole time ive been so focused on the subs i didnt notice the box get like 5 feet of air.... im fuckn up lol
  3. haha yeah this was already posted but notice in the more info I was watching some older Steve's videos, and since I had nothing better to do, I made a remake with my 1/18 diecast Chevy Silverado in my diorama, and my JBL subwoofer in the back to make all that thing shaking!
  4. i seen and heard some at the fle market the other day they sounded loud as hell but i cant remember the name of them sorry haha
  5. isnt the ford TRUCK best selling vehicle in the past 52 years??? i believe soo..
  6. if your looking to do something original like these other 4000 people on here with tahos and burbans then get a chevy if you want to be different go with a a ford expedition or explorer.. or a navigator lol...or maybe a Yukon,Yukon xl, denali
  7. first assassination with snipers bombs..and now shoes??? AHHH WHAAAT THAAA FHUUUUK lil wayne for president
  8. hmm im not sure its too hard to actually choose...... where do you buy your subs from..
  9. Hi, The name is Mike..18... since how the fuckd up economy is been jobless but still hustlin gettin by...anyway i drive a hand me down first owner 99 Lincoln navigator dad bought it in 2000...still running strong since he handed it down to me i seen steve meade a few times by my house...im guessing he lives near by... but since then ive been in to audio stuff,,right now im running 2 15" L7s powered by a 4000watt 2channel Lanzar amp and a (pointless 1 farad cap) which dose not do anything...and head unit is a pioneer in dash avic-n3..here is a few pictures some of u may have seen me around sac area sittin on 26's...............OK they 20's but i keep em clean thou!!!!!! if u know who i am don't try and steal from me i would hate to see my dad shoot someone again
  10. waste of a perfectly good thread
  11. like mentioned above just cut it a few inches over on both sides and your good
  12. its still alcohol DRINK IT.. DRINK IT... DRINK IT...
  13. go to office max.. and get "goo gone" works on everything that shit should be called amazing
  14. u should go for it. just let ur dad doit or someone who has any painting experience.. mine looks pretty good i could of done better tho.. its def worth $15.00
  15. if they are really cheap why not do it.. and it looks like theyre bright too
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