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  1. Guess I’ll have a crap load of woofer wire lol. Good thing it’s OFC, ordered up 2 spoils. Thanks guys.
  2. Here in SoCal we call hellcats boats because they’re heavy as shit too. If they get that tuned and dailed in nicely I think it’ll give it a run for it money. Unless it’s on DR or slicks it’s spinning.
  3. I’m guessing that’s subjective to tuning. The highest octane available in Cali is 91, so I’m assuming when they tune it they’ll tune it with 91.
  4. Amazing how steve giving away free shit brings new members to the forum that won’t even stay after the give away is over smh. Pretty damn funny....

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    2. audiofanaticz


      My Instagram has a link to this site, but my following is small.


    3. meade916


      @audiofanaticz i shouldn't say NOBODY because there are a few....but the few that do help bring in new members and post links here, i HIGHLY appreciate it :) 


    4. hardkorethump


      Love the vids and like the info. Whether anything is won are not, just enjoy the info and vids and helping people. 

  5. Must be nice to have the machine do all the work for you ? just busting your balls steve. I know how much you like it when people tell you stuff like that haha
  6. I don't know why you guys are entertaining this guys bs hahahaha someone pass the popcorn
  7. 1 Mosconi Zero 4 down, 1 to go. 

  8. Dude is good people man. Always willing to lend a helping hand too.
  9. ed tI can't wait to start on my personal build. Just ordered bought some goodies for my truck: Mosconi 8to12 aerospace, another set of morel picollo tweets, 4 SD X8s, and a Mosconi Zero 1. Still need 2 Zero 4's and an xs power lithium. Disgustingly excited for this one

    1. 06RTCharger


      Damn, droppin some cash on mosconi. Like it ?

    2. baron_of_bass


      I use to have 2 AS 200.4s and 2 300.2s, but this zero line is suppose to be bad ass. I'm really looking forward to my found stage. I'm a big morel fan. 

    3. 06RTCharger


      Nice. I got a AS100.4 and a AS 200.2 for my front stage. Havent installed it yet so havent got to hear it yet. I was originally gonna get those two you had, the 200.4 and 300.2, but the shop i went to kind of talked me into buying the smaller ones. Which is surprising lol i wouldve spent more. How were those amos u had before though?? Were they both on front stage? 

  10. Thought I remember someone saying they weren't, that they were using a different type of lithium. My apologies
  11. Limitless lithiums. Price point and tech have me very curious. Might pick up a 40ah for a SQish build I'm going to do in my Silverado.
  12. I'd suggest looking into a lifepo4. I just found a company this morning that has them priced way cheaper than expected. They did a head to head against my power and held up better than the my power.
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