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  1. For the love of god, dont use a hammer to bend it. Take a cresent wrench tighten it down on the flap and use that. it will work way easier and not stress the solder joints with the all the banging.
  2. bracing roof as we speak. [email protected] hertz. that's the goal.

    1. Kyblack76


      good luck man.....

  3. Im saying for the record, that terminology is not in my vernacular. Ive never asked for a sponsor or ever will. Ive been building my own systems since 93'. Im not saying I wont take accomadations, wink, wink,. Im not the type to throw out that verbiage. Its kind of shitty. Its possible something was taken out of context. Also next time you see me, say hello. I give out demo's all day except right before game time.
  4. He was on the meter that's why he did But he didn't even give out demos when people asked him all he would say is sponsor me Yes I was their I wouldnt give out demos??? all I kept saying is sponsor me? Thats the dumbest shit Ive heard. First off I dont need a sponsor, second the only time demos got cut off was an hour before my spl runs, to charge batteries. I dont go to comps to be Mr Hide my shit from the world, there isnt anything that hasnt been seen or done before. when the subs get rebuilt with aluminum parts (in the works) I'll gladly give anyone a demo! Minus the sparks.
  5. Thanks for the compliments fellas! Subs were excellent and held up well. People were treated to a very good demo before noon. Old batteries and stock electrical. I always do that! Can't help myself ....I like giving demo and meeting sq/bass heads more than competition. Before you know system is drained and two hours and 3 hours later its time to meter. I'll charge the batteries and post a vid of the system fresh. Thanks to ken/forevrbumpn. Sky's the limits. Steve, also a thanks for the kind words. Yes, smell a rebuild!
  6. headed to lowes fister on display from 930 till 10

  7. whats up bro? I am a big fan of the 2nd generation preludes. I used to compete with one. I have some pics i recently scanned of the system. email me if you want to check em out I have like 4 or 5 remaining. from 1997 thats when my car was stolen.

  8. who has the smallest big stick.....oh yea thats me! killer 3! audiopipe audioque is actually really good! craig power play! whats up bitches!
  9. working on a project to smash all smashers!

  10. killa whale is a classic... down loaded a chopped and screwed version... peaked at 37hz
  11. Epic Fail! mirror bouncing thang going on right cheer! [
  12. my permit just required me to go to the range and qualify.... of course I am a peace officer.
  13. The best midbass for your money was a vifa p21 8" midwoofer, the mid is now made by "Seas" same part number. they are on madisound.com very smooth sounding great for 2 ways. great midbass. They can handle 100 watts all day long.
  14. where are the pics from the melos show going to be posted?

  15. Rusty tell me I will break [email protected] with your subs and I will buy a pair.. maybe even become a team dc member!
  16. If this site was up when I built those towers I would have taken a vid fo sho! Damb you Steve where were you in 2005
  17. Just wanted to remind you that you still are an a55hole. I will have a qoute tomorrow!
  18. what freq? type of car? looks like an eclipse
  19. Sorry thats the best side shot I have. That picture is actually on my pc and I let my boy borrow that cause his crashed.
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